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I only have windows 8 and old games don't work. No combination of the compatibility mode settings worked out. Only older operating systems work.

Faint suggested  to do dual booting, which would probably work smoother and just be a little more of a hassle. I'll probably do that instead.

Having any luck Thomas? Dual booting probably would work out better, less of a hassle in the way I'm thinking about it.


Curious to how you gents organize your files; in between documents, music, pictures ETC across multiple drives. On my first complete reinstalls in years on my home PC's and trying to come up with some file structures that make sense as I usually end up stuffing stuff in places that don't fit the default containers built within Windows.. Funny thing to me is that I made some network shares at work recently and those just came to me *shrug*

I was able to get it to start on my desktop which is running windows 7, luckily.

MV, I have no organization at all, so I'm not sure I could help there...

Another question, I'm planning on transfering a bunch of files onto my external hard drive, it has a firewire port but I don't have anywhere I could place it on my computer. Would an adapter work? I'm kind of worried if I tried firewire to usb that I would just lose the speed bonus.

I ended up buying a eSATA cable because that was another option but after several hours of googling and messing around I still don't know what's wrong. I looked at my bios and it says the eSATA port is undetected. I bought a cheap 6 dollar cable, is that where I fucked up? I unfortunately don't have another computer to test it on.
I bought a  e-SATA to SATA cable which seemed to fix things.

God Damn It, Thomas.

Try the E-Sata on the other laptop tomorrow, lemme know what happens. Weird.

eSATA DansGame

ASUS better deliver, I really want to splurge on an NVMe drive at some point.

Okay, so I had a moment of weakness

this keyboard almost feels better than a blowjob... almost

and holy shit does the matte black look sexy as fuck with the LEDs

Not buying real switches for shameeeeee

How much was the G700s? G502 is perma-$50, surprised you'd opt for the G700s. Not saying I blame you there, I have a G700 myself. Dat feel in the hand.

God Damn It, Thomas.

Try the E-Sata on the other laptop tomorrow, lemme know what happens. Weird.

It didn't work on my moms laptop. There wasn't much experimenting I could do since she asked my dad if she would get fired from her work for just plugging the drive in... but anyways I was allowed to restart it with the drive in and I searched for new hardware in device manager and it didn't show up. My conclusion is that the cable doesn't work.
Got some more wiring fixed, need to work on cleaning it up and also get a backup drive in and going.
This is kind of a dumb question but would it be possible to hook up an ethernet cord to two computers and somehow transfer information over the line? Lol

God Damn It, Thomas.

The book answer is technically no, not without a crossover cable and then you'd still have to make a network share or grant mutual permissions for each machine to access files in question.

Without a crossover cable it's possible but you're counting on the NIC being new enough to not care about the cable pinout. You'd still have to set up the share or some type of storage though. Not hard but not exactly the most feasible thing in the world.

I was switching my desktop to a new tower and I decided to do some dusting. This literally was only about a quarter of the dust that I dug up from between my cpu fan.

3TB Drive just died RIP I guess

Noticed recently reallocated sector count was sky high along with a few other wear indicators, had trouble opening things, etc. Guess I'm on the market for a few hard drives.

Just bought a 1 TB recently for my shop PC, wutta pain.

If you see any stellar deals drop em here, lazy but on the market for extra space.

Toshiba 3 TB $85 @ Newegg until 7/19 with Promo ESCAVKT24  --- Eligible for free shipping via Shoprunner if you happen to have an account.

"Deal" Ends on my birthday, wondering if I should snag two.


That's a nice deal though and I'd buy that pretty fast if I needed it.