Windows 10 coming soon. Is it worth it?

Hard to believe it's been six years since Win7 came out.  I ignored Windows 8 altogether and stuck with 7 64 bit. I'm happy with it and can't see anything in Win10 that is worth the money. Don't care about "project Spartan" or Cortana. Don't wan't a Siri clone on my desktop.

Are you getting Windows 10?  I'm sure it will be a boon for tablet users.

absolutely. Love that fact that i will be able to stream xb1 games to my PC and ****possibly**** vice versa 

I've heard good things about it so far. Also, I believe it's a free upgrade from Win 7  addition to 8  for a limited time. I stuck with Win7 as well through Windows 8 but this one looks a little more promising. Why use you're not interested in Spartan as a reason not to get it? Do you use IE on Win7?

Is there a release date for it yet?

Supposedly "fall" is al I heard.

But yeah Im guessing this will be great for tablet users but I'm not fucking shelling out two bills for a browser upgrade.  And for streaming, it sounds too good to be true but we'll see how good the quality is.


I'd be willing to try Windows 10 if it's free and if I'm able to convert back to Windows 7 if I dislike Windows 10. If that isn't the case, I'll just stick with Windows 7.