Windows 10 Thread

Anyone upgrade yet?

Just did a clean install and am ready to move on from W7.

Will report back on whether or not I like it

I've been signed up for the update for a while now, but haven't gotten the email notification yet. I do have the $Windows.~BT folder though, roughly 3.5gb.
I wanna try it but didn't get any offers, apparently my girlfriend is getting it for free.
thomas, pretty sure anyone who has win7 or 8 is offered windows 10 for free the first year it's out. I am on a school laptop so I am going to wait to update until they give me the go-ahead. we had to wait a while to update to windows 8 when that came out because they wanted to make sure all their software worked with it with no problems. I'm excited though. especially once it goes out to xb1 and I can stream games to my PC.

Expecting full report, Wanny.

Nv1 & Co.:

Having reserved or not shouldn't be an issue.

I'll wait till the kinks are worked out. I have a year to upgrade.
Are we going to be notified about the upgrade from the Windows 10 app? or by E-mail?
Planning on getting an SSD for my laptop and testing it out on their before I upgrade my main system.  Probably wait a month or two before I make the leap so some of the bugs can be worked out.
Im getting the option but waiting for the bugs to go and more extensive reviews to come in. 
How can I update from windos 8 enterprise

Anyone else update to Windows 10? I just did, was an easy install, everything went just fine. But now I'm trying to login for the first time but I can't. When I go to enter my password and hit enter, or hit next, it just freezes. Nothing else is clickable, but if I keep clicking around, the screen gets that white haze over it like if a program stopped working, and then it goes black and reboots. I am able to press the clock looking button in the bottom and show the options, but that is the only thing I can click without it freezing. 


Is anyone else having problems? can't say I'm surprised that it didn't just work the first time through, nothing ever seems too.



We already had a Windows 10 thread going, so I merged your post into it instead.
post up some screenshots if you can guys
Finally got my update finished. It froze a couple times and people online said to restart 3x to get everything working. If yours freezes/black screens just ctrl+alt+del and choose restart. So far it looks just like a sleeker 8.1 but without the tile home screen. I'm really digging the wireless display though, wish I didn't break my LG 3D Smartv bc it allowed wireless broadcasting and I wouldn't need an hdmi cable anymore. If they fix the latency I'm going to use fraps to record from now on. 

The only thing is I can't update the store, getting some error code. About to search and find a fix so I can update my Xbox app and stream games.