Ex Machina (2015)

Really well done movie. If you are a sci fi fan I highly recommend it. Just got it off torrent


yeah it's dope, decent plot but very well done.

Watched it a couple months ago, I remember the music really intensifying the movie when I saw it
I enjoyed this one a lot. I've always been really fascinated by the topic of consciousness and AI.

I enjoyed this one a lot. I've always been really fascinated by the topic of consciousness and AI.

You should check out the show "Humans". Just started watching it and that's basically the plot. Similar to I, Robot as well. 

yeah Humans is pretty good so far



ome questions that linger after watching this movie

(A) Was Caleb a robot? The movie is peppered with hints that he is. One example, he never seems to get drunk. Do you remember him stumbling or slurring even once? If he did, I missed it.So he's a 26 year old with a super human immunity to the effects of alcohol? Another example - Sure, he cut himself with the razor and bled BUT it almost looked too fake. Not long afterward, his arm does not seem terribly affected. He slapped some quick code down after the self inflicted cut. Did you notice? I doubt anyone could be so "normal" after such a wound with no medical attention. Why even include that scene? Also, Ava decides to question Caleb. "Question one - what is your favorite color?" - Caleb says red, Ava knows he is lying immediately. He then says he sees a blue light as his first memory. The door locks have blue lights, and maybe 'his mother's voice..'  Was the "voice" the building's AI announcing things? Why would the writer add this? maybe a clue. 

(B) Did Ava go back for Caleb? In the last scene, she goes back the way she came. Did she watch the couple's shadows at the city intersection and realize she had feelings for Caleb (who she figured out was a robot like her?) and changed her AI mind?

(C) The way I interpreted Ava's progression. She originally had a genuine crush on Caleb (wasn't faking) but then her bubble 'burst' when Caleb revealed to her that he was "an advanced programmer" just like Nathan (whom Ava hates.) I noticed that Ava seemed to subtly change after Caleb told her that he was "sent to test her." It just seemed like her crush fell through after that,  but she still wanted to escape, so she used him as a means to get out. I'm sure there's a million ways to interpret this, which makes it interesting and re-watchable over time. 

(D) Maybe Ava's purpose was to test Caleb, not the other way around. if he was an AI himself. Nathan says that he specifically picked Caleb, but then later reveals that Caleb wasn't even the best coder in his company. So it's never actually said, why was Caleb 'selected' at all?