Mr Robot

Anyone watch this? Heard about it on reddit. The pilot was put on youtube. 

"Follows a mysterious anarchist who recruits a young computer programmer (Malek) who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people by hacking them."

I thought it was one of the better pilot episodes I'd seen. 

it was interesting and Ill def follow up, main character could get annoying or could be great.. not sure


ic ets

my awareness caught it did yours?

subliminal messaging.


a puzzle solved the show

are you 1 or 0?

grey (0,1)-matrix

aliens program your reality bud.

run crazy.exe
This show >

so what are you guys thinking of this show now that it's officially one season deep? i like it a lot myself. surprised to see quality coming out of usa network of all places, though i've heard good things about psych and suits. this one does come closer than any other mainstream media on getting all the technical details correct. it inspires me to become a hacker myself (lol). already on that linux grind, but that isn't even as important as learning how to socially manipulate those who are targets. sadly i probably will lose patience trying to learning all these 1s and 0s too quick, but it could be cool.

okay enough rambling so i will regurgitate what i read in a good article reviewing this show. the author made the point that this show as well as the others which were successful over the last few years took risks and came out better for it in the end. for example the casting in this show is perfect although it isn't star-studded. lol christian slater. apparently the creator/head writer had a lot of experience in college regarding comp science and such. i like how the script of the show is pretty accurate and doesn't cater to a clueless audience too much. at the same time it finds balance and keeps from beating terms like 'rootkit' into your brain too hard.

all in all i'd say this is the best thing to come out this year imo. watch it.

I'm on episode 6 currently.
One of my favourites ever. Little early to say that but it was that good.