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It's...Dune as made by David Lynch. I like it, but I'd recommend the Dune miniseries over it.
Alright thanks

Relevant Wachowski things:

It is a good movie. It's visually like Dune + Fifth Element + 40k + The Fountain. 

Definitely has its faults, definitely glad it got made. I appreciate what it's trying to be even if it's not fully there.

Can I ask who's review you pasted?

Did anyone watch John Wick yet? Beautiful action movie. 


accidently replied to davo, didn't mean to.

Yeah, shit was dope.

The entire club scene was phenomenal. Music choice was spot on.

I know I recommended The Guest at the start of the thread, but it is worth mentioning again, great soundtrack like John Wick. You would enjoy I think.


would recommend "Mesrine" to anyone.

Just watched 'Citizenfour'. Holy fucking shit.


Everybody needs to watch it.

I hereby nominate "The Voices" for best credits of all time. Someone please confirm.

Do not ruin them by watching it without watching the movie first.

Edit: John Wick was fun as shit.

Nightcrawler was awesome. How did Gyllenhaal not even get nominated? How does that happen?

Birdman was incredible. I went into this not knowing anything. About 6 minutes in, I realized they hadn't cut yet. Then they did it again and again. Holy shit. There is no way this doesn't win best cinematography.

Whiplash is next.

Whiplash was great, ending scene was intense and great and i was surprised by how much i liked the music. Twas good. Edit: forgot about birdman, watched that couple days back. Was great, but don't get why emma got nominated as best supporting actress. Like, yeah, a couple scenes she was great, but i wouldnt say she added that much to the movie

The entire club scene was phenomenal. Music choice was spot on.

Is it worth torrenting?

First round of film festivals I'm submitting my two films to. My first film 'The Blanketing' was already accepted into about 10 festivals but I just said "fuck it" and submitted it to all the random ones I could. 'Couds of Autumn' is my most recent and I'm waiting on the bigger festival deadlines coming up

^ exciting, hope you get a couple good spots. Also, horrible bosses 2 was pretty bad but pretty funny at the same time. Weird how a lot of comedies work that way :/

The entire club scene was phenomenal. Music choice was spot on.

Is it worth torrenting?


How is this even a question? "Is this worth clicking my mouse five times?"

You guys should watch Whiplash If you haven't yet! Probably my favorite movie of 2014 and might be my favorite of all time.

Came here to post about Whiplash. Just watched it last night and loved it. I drum, too, so that made it even better.

Yeah Whiplash is truly great, saw it the other day.
Hopefully I can sit down and watch Birdman tonight. It'll be my last chance before the awards.
foxcatcher was pretty good. i think i would have liked it better knowing the basics of wrestling though,
Birdman was fucking incredible. The cinematography was so well done, the cast just absolutely kills it. Best move I've seen in a while.
Watched Birdman and Boyhood. Both damn good films. Had so many nostalgia moments watching Boyhood... It's funny Ethan Hawke is in numerous of my favorite movies. I don't even know of a bad movie he was in.

I really want to watch all nominees for best picture at least before the oscars start tomorrow.

I hadn't seen a single one of them so I watched 5 over the last 2 days.

Birdman had great acting and unique cinematography for sure but I didn't really like the story so didn't enjoy the movie very much overall. Boyhood was okay, took obviously a lot of time and effort but the movie just got boring after a while for me. Grand budapest hotel overall was really enjoyable. Whiplash was really awesome and so was the imitation game, absolutely loved both those movies.

I hope I have enough time tomorrow to watch the final 3 before it begins.

The Theory of Everything: 9/10. What an extraordinary film. There was a probabiltily of zero that this wouldn't win the oscar for best leading actor. Very, very much recommended u guys.
That was the biggest upset of the night with Redmayne winning best actor. Really thought GBH was gonna take best picture since it was sweeping all night. Birdman came back for the win. I need to see them both.
GBH just doesn't look appealing to me whatsoever. The visuals are just so ugly to me. Probably missing out but I have zero interest for that reason alone.
Just watched What We Do In the Shadows. Was looking for a good recent comedy, and this popped up for me. Had no clue what to expect tbh, but it got some good reviews so i was just like fuck it lets watch it. And im glad i did. It was definitely something new and different, but i did really enjoy it. I dont even really know why but it just worked for me. 8/10
Secret Life of Walter Mitty: 6/10. Was a decent movie, not great. What makes me sad is that the plot was pretty cool, and they could have done so much more with it. It did have some really good things to it, but also some not so good things. Im not a fan of Ben Stiller, but he was okay. Okay at most though. Also it could get rid of some unneccesary 'humor' and some scenes were just over the top. But it did get me really excited about my love for traveling and photography, and the combination of both, so that was nice.

I watched a documentary on netflix called "The Pervert's Guide to Ideology" the other day. Really interesting. The reviews on netflix are pretty polarized but that probably has a lot to do with the political content; the narrator is fairly biased, but he makes a lof of interesting points about symbolism in film and music.



would be cool

Was that a kids comic book back in the day? I vaguely remember something like that.
Redirected was okay.

Was that a kids comic book back in the day? I vaguely remember something like that.


lmao no

Dang haven't been here in forever. How you guys doin?

Haven't been watching a lot of movies lately but I did see Birdman,  Whiplash, Boyhood, Inherent Vice, Nightcrawler, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Gone Girl off the top of my head and they were all really good.  Birdman and Whiplash being standouts.

Well that was quick, posted this just last week.

lmao this is what I was thinking of: