THF MC 2014 Final Voting Round Discussion



We're here, from 117 montages you have selected a top 5 for the Best Video award in the THF Movie Competition 2014.

We are allowing  only 1 vote this round and you will not be able to see the poll results until the poll closes. Please carefully consider your votes and dont make mistakes, it is harder for us to fix misclicks with this system.

For the contenders, make sure you have a Paypal ready and an idea of how to handle that so there's no issues/hard feelings.
Top 3 is in the prizes.

We don't have a sponsor like Z used to, this is all out of pocket. And with this competition having no entry fee any donations are much appreciated to help reward people's hard work. We have a central paypal account, anything else please contact Klima and ohem via PM.


FatRat M3 - by FatRat

Intro the tranQ - by SillyGoose

Immortal Part 3 - by Sk0ls

Toasty RM1 - by Zhestal

ROOTS - by B SiK


Oh hi there everybody, it's me; Impossibly hard choice, good to see you again.

How cool is it to have a montage from almost every Halo in the top 5? that's so sick.

diesel montage 2.

otherwise probably gonna have to go with my boys b, tranq, or fatty, gonna be a tough choice.

Roots. It's the video I keep coming back to and enjoying every time.

Roots. It's the video I keep coming back to and enjoying every time.

Pretty much this. Respect for all entries and good luck!

Why the shin dig can we not see the votes.


Went with Fat Rat, edit was too smooth and gameplay was the best in the comp.

Why the shin dig can we not see the votes.

Adds suspense. 

kinda hard for me to go with TranQ after watching the 2012 summer editing contest, which basically included his best mlg clips minus a few new narrows clips that were in the video. i just expected a bit more out of the gameplay portion the more i watch it. Stormy, Ruxs, and Trunks' mlg videos, which were knocked out in earlier rounds, i felt had just as good of gameplay, minus the sheer quantity. I mainly persisted to vote this video through because of how much i enjoyed the intro and the quantity of so much good gameplay, but i don't know if it's memorable enough to win. 

I think I'm just gonna abstain from this vote because every time i watch roots, i realize i can't give a fair evaluation of that video like many others here can. Starting to question my prior choices a bit more now as I begin to realize how naive my evaluations of videos are the more i watch old-school videos. Going to the articles section of the forum reminded me how much of a novice I am here in comparison to all the other members. Experience matters. Good luck to all these videos, i thoroughly enjoyed them all. 

Toasty RM1, the feel of the montage with the editing Zhestal provides, plus Toasty bringing some of the best reach gameplay out there. I could just watch that montage all day long. Although I could see all of these montages winning.
This is quite tough. I'll rewatch them all and then vote. At this point I have literally no idea.
I'm having and incredibly hard time deciding between Immortal Part 3 and Roots.

Gotta go for toasty, im a reach kid through and through

Also who's doing all this art? Its nice

I went with FatRat because that video has the greatest gameplay I have ever seen.

i know last time i asked it was stated literally in the title, but i gave it a second look this time and still couldn't find, so: till when can we vote? 

Immortal 3!!!
tranq gets it...roots was a very very close 2nd
Immortal and tranQ are the only ones I don't think can win my vote. I'm going to give each video a solid breakdown and thought before I actually cast my vote, but FatRat and Toasty are my current favorites. Do we only have one vote?

I voted for Roots.


Gotta respect fatrat's gameplay, and there was nothing wrong with the edit at all either. Makes me want to play the game the most so i'm voting with fatty, although toasty's is also a work of art and it was hard not to vote for that, the editing, flow and general fx were top notch (I love the bit in sleepyhead were there's all those colours on that spartan!) as well as the reach gameplay being some of the best shit out there too. I'm sad it's all over now but i'm very glad i got to be a part of this
yes, 1 vote
Damn, this is a hard one I'm going with fat rat:)

Congratulations to you that made it to the finals, you've already beat a lot of really good videos.

My personal final top 5:

5 - into the tranq. Amazing intro and good editing overall. Gameplay was ok but besides a few really sick clips there were also a lot of clips that weren't very entertaining (boring triple and overkills). Maybe I would've enjoyed it more if those were taken out and it was only about 5 minutes.

4- Immortal 3. The flow is good, editing is not anything too great but it fits the overall flow well. Gameplay is pretty impressive but it just isn't my favorite kind of gameplay to watch. So yea it really comes down to my personal preference on this one but overall really nice video though.

3- Toasty HRM1. Impressive gameplay and smooth editing. Definitely a really good montage but it just didn't have that special x factor that made it really stand out in any way. Just a reach montage with really good gameplay and nice editing.

2- Roots. The gameplay is really cool, I especially really liked those spawn prediction sticks. But the overall flow of this montage is what really made me fall in love with this montage. The song is absolutely perfect for the gameplay and the entire thing is just really well put together. I've rewatched this one already a lot of times and every time I seem to enjoy it more and more, awesome montage.

1- Fatrat m3. the flow is really nice, I especially love the transition from the 1st to the 2nd song. But this one obviously deserved my vote because of the gameplay, it is absolutely insane. It's some of the best social Halo 3 gameplay I have ever seen. I quite like multi kill montages but they are rarely between my favorites, only if they really stand out and this one definitely did. Amazing video.

Also, thanks to everyone that entered this contest and helped organizing it, I loved watching every single video.

Fatrat for sure
Damn, Roots or Immortal 3 for me Ewd
it would be unbelievably amazing for an h1 montage to win the contest in 2015.
I had to vote for Sillygoose's montage. It had amazing transitions throughout the whole montage and great syncing. Fatrat's montage was pretty impressive as well, all around great montages. 

To see a halo 1, 2, 3 AND reach montage in the final 5 is absurd. And I'm with Rhis, to see a halo CE montage win would be pretty phenomenal. No better video to try and win it than Root's. I casted my vote and am eagerly waiting to see the results. :)

Means a lot to be in this top 5. I'd personally rather Diesel be here representing the halo Reach community but hey, the fact one of us made it is pretty badass.

Also who's doing all this art? Its nice

Also designed the new logo


Damn, all of these montages are incredible! Can't wait to see the results. 

Also, when is the voting for the other categories?

Damn, all of these montages are incredible! Can't wait to see the results. 

Also, when is the voting for the other categories?

Other categories are decided by the judges. Only best video is public voting

I am severely torn between this. 

FatRat has some of the most incredible gameplay I have seen in the longest time, and because it is Halo 3 (my baby), it also holds the strongest place in my heart.

Toasty however has very similar caliber gameplay in Reach,  but it's more of a complete project, with a lot more technical editing that works brilliantly.

But when I think about a movie competition winner, I think of the one video that will display and represent our community in the best fashion. Roots fills that fairly well, as it is a classic being brought back to life. 


I need more time to think about it, but I am honestly leaning towards Toasty and Zhestal, simply because it has the gameplay, it has innovative editing, it's filled with eye candy, and it really has everything that should be able to put it up as one of the best montages of all time. After Halo 4 came out, it opened my eyes a bit more, and I was able to let go of my hatred towards Reach. It is still a fairly grey game, but somehow Zhestal made it feel alive and vibrant. I can definitely enjoy it more now than if it was released before Halo 4.

This is an incredibly tough decision. All of these are incredible and deserve recognition. The OG in me wants to vote Immortal or Roots, the editor in me wants to vote Toasty or tranQ, and the Halo player in me wants to vote FatRat. 
I voted for Roots.  I will be posting a lengthy write up about my thoughts on this whole competition either tonight or tomorrow.