Quick Update on the Movie Comp

Hey all, I just closed down the Poll for the Semi-finals on the old forums. To see all the old polls on the old forums click HERE

We have our finalists: FatRat M3, Intro the tranQ, Immortal Part 3, Toasty RM1 and ROOTS.

We will push the schedule until we are confident everyone will be able to vote who otherwise would have with the login emails having some trouble. Probably publishing everything tomorrow, Im not expecting a huge delay.

Huge respect to the other videos in the top 10, you are truly magnificent and we love you. This Comp is unfair in its greatness.


really like the new THF guys. Great 5 to advance to the final as well. Can't wait to see who wins. Hopefully my boy Felix
Solid line-up for the finals. I'm happy with the results so far.
Noooooo Diesel, whyyyyyy?

Upset to not see Diesel in here, but it was a really tough round and I think that all the videos in the final deserve to be here.

Toasty u got my vote bb <3.

Most likely going to TranQ, Toasty, FatRat. Maybe I'll switch one out after I watch them all though. GL everyone in this round!
Really sad to not see LocaLs video in, but oh well. Goodluck to out top 5!
Great top 5.  Gonna be an insane final round. Good luck to everyone :)
Three of my favorite montages in the contest made the top 5, gotta say I'm happy about that.  Go Roots, i3, and Into the TranQ.

"Intro The tranQ" haha :p

New thf looks great btw :)