THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 5: FINALS

Choose one video.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Wizard | Editor: Halzred | Gameplay: Hyena
38% (33 votes)
Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK
37% (32 votes)
Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch
24% (21 votes)
Total votes: 86

The fact that someone on THF hasn't heard of B SiK is very shocking to me

HD Simplicityy, while I do wish you could make it through the vid in full, I appreciate you giving it a shot. No sweat either way, man.


I happen to surprise a lot of people with things I say. I simply haven't heard of him till now.

Hey, no problem! And I appreciate the non-raging  comment lul. Sometimes I feel I upset a montager or editor based on my comment or opinion, and I am happy you didn't feel like that, or at least you seem not to. :)  

I think the main issue is that CE montages have never appealed to me. What I grew up with, montage wise, were Halo 3 montages. I've seen a few Halo 2 montages, but even those don't seem impressive when a great majority of clips are button glitched kills. Its Halo 3 and onwards that got me into appreciating montages. 

Congrats on the high placing!

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