THF Movie Competition 2016 - Registration Thread

Exile 5 - A Halo 5 Teamtage

Editor: Zed
Players: Bald / Deano / Momentum / Zerk

THF Thread:

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Here's a playlist the judges will be using, please add to the original post:


Also, everyone who hasn't, please post your video in this thread if you are entering it! I will update the playlist as soon as your video is posted.

EvaduR | A Halo 3 MLG Montage



Gameplay & Editing:  Ticket


​THF Thread:


Download link will be up tomorrow.

Emnion & Ishii :: Summer Colors :: Edited by Fud



Ugh, somehow didn't see this back when I posted my entry (I feel like it wasn't mentioned in the submission guidelines, but I'm horribly horrible at organisation so don't quote me on that). Hopefully you already have me listed anyway and noted my donation.


Take That! - A Halo 3 Ninjatage 

Edit: me

gameplay: me/Koggy 



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delete dis shit
Oh shit Blitzz is releasing a tage? I used to play with him all the time when I first got into MLG.

Title:  Blittz Blains | THF Comp Entry - Edited by Inxy

​Entry by: Inxy