SEPTEMBER 1st at 11:59pm PST is the END of submissions for the competition!

SEPTEMBER 1st  at 11:59pm is the END of submissions for the THF movie competition!

Make sure you DONATE (that is how you are officially entered) by 11:59pm PST to be eligible for the movie competition. Then create a thread for your video and then post that information into the official registration thread

​We are very excited to see all your entries and how the competition will turn out! I want to personally thank everybody who has been involved somehow, whether you're submitting, donating, or just hyping the competition, you made guys have all helped tremendously at keeping the small montage community alive and I respect the hell out of that.

Any last minute questions you guys have feel free to PM me or comment here!

Thank you,


Whoah, I thought the deadline was Sept 1st? I know that at least Ishii, myself, and a few others were counting on having 24 hours more than the time you mentioned. Is it possible to accept submissions up through 11:59PST on 9/1/2016?

Well, I mean the deadline is September 1st. Sept 1st being the cut-off date. August 31st being the last day you can submit. You get what I'm saying here?

If the cut-off was Sept 1st at 11:59pm then wouldn't the deadline technically be Sept 2nd? You get what I mean?

Well shit, I guess you're right but that's kinda misleading. Someone better let Ishii know ASAP. I'll just bust my balls to complete my second entry tonight, hopefully he can do the same.

If September 1st is the deadline then you should allow  to submit on September 1; if the deadline was August 31st at 11:59pm, that should have specified that months ago. I was under the impression that we had up until the clock hit midnight and rolled over to the 2nd to submit projects, which based on the responses to your original post, I am not alone in my assumption. Anything after September 1st would be after the deadline. This is just how it read in the original post that was put out at the beginning of the contest. Non biased opinion here, my project is already submitted but I don't want to see people miss the deadline based on a technicality that is coming out 24 hours before the supposed deadline that was set from the start. 

I will talk with HAble and Bx and see what they say.

EDIT: SEPTEMBER 1ST AT 11:59PM PST IS THE CUT-OFF sorry for the confusion fellas.

HAbleman to save the day!
Yee, this is much better for everyone. Thanks for clarification

I think my top three are..

Joey Clutch, Hyena (first vid), and B Sik, in no order

Cut-off is tomorrow! Just a reminder!
Oh shit, better start on my 24hr tage.

About an hour left to submit! If any of you are having issues uploading a video or paying the entry fee please LET ME KNOW ASAP I'm totally down to help you out you just need to work with me! PM me here or join my discord server!

Again, I'm very excited for things to kick off and I wish you all the best of luck!

Alright everyone, submission are OFFICIALLY OVER

More info on the next step in the competition coming soon!

So far my favorites have been joey clutch, evadur, trevx64 and hyena's death machine. I've still got a ton of videos yet to watch though. Awh man i love the last few days of the competition, so much juicy stuff always comes out all at once.
Heyyy scace. I donated the 5 dollars but i didnt made a thread in the registry forum. Just in the videoforum. Do you guys accept my one ? I didnt know that was relevant for the entry.

If you haven't posted your video here:

Please do it now, I've been building a spreadsheet for the judges based on this thread. 

Just donated $105.00 to the prize pool.  

Wow, dude you didn't have to do that. But thank you!

Wow, dude you didn't have to do that. But thank you!

I know, but it was something I wanted to do to show my full support. And you're welcome.
Good shit, man. A ton of these entries deserve to be compensated for their quality.