THF Halo 2 Classic Free For All Tournament ($100 in prizes!)

I wasn't playing that well today, good game though.

Same here man, it was fun though. Im cool with top 32 I guess, the last heat was pretty stacked. I think im going to start playing lower sens for FFAs though, I went down from 10 to 8 and still missed too many shots

Can we get a round 3 update in the OP?

Anyone from Heat N streaming? Don't think Hustla or Kayemx are.

That Heat I tho..... crazy

Can we get a round 3 update in the OP?

As soon as I see who won Heat I, then yes.

We're all in a lobby, can we go?

We're all in a lobby, can we go?

Yes.  Winners of Round 3 play in the finals.

Shoutout to Vavalo for streaming with a wig on.
kayemx (65-47)
stoodlepop (65-49)
hustla (57-57)
mr goodkat (56-52)


Results from Heat NStoodlepop hosted

Heat N just finished

1. Kayemx - 65 kills - 30 assists - 47 deaths

2. Stoodlepop - 65 kills - 28 assists - 49 deaths

3. LiT Hustla - 57 kills - 29 assists - 57 deaths

4. IVIr Goodkat - 56 kills - 21 assists - 52 deaths

Doodle can you stream the finals by any chance?

Heat O





LiT Hustla

IVIr Goodkat


StoRmY v2





round of 16 was chill

Round 3 results: Blazin viii stormy vavalo
we're in game chat by the way
Can I trade 5 assists for 5 kills? GG everyone 

fun games guys, finals time

I didn't know the forum supported that!?

Dude, Vavalo straight running bottom mid and feeding kills rofl, what a nerd


I think he was getting hit offline or something which is bullshit, but him running mid and giving like 40 kills for free really fucks up the whole game

fuck you Valo

GGs guys -Cherry

Fuck you Valo. Thanks for ruining the finals match.
Well that ended interestingly....
Good fucking game guys!!! That was intense
well shit, valo what the fuck
Congrats to Mr. Stormy, who definitely deserves the win. With that being said, fuck Vavalo. The minute there is only 7 active players with everybody fighting bottom center for the free kill, during the finals in the first H2 FFA tournament in yearssss....fuck that lol.

Dude I'm legit actually pissed the fuck off that vavalo cried so hard he ruined the tourney for EVERYONE because his connection was fucked (or getting fucked with if he was getting hit offline like he claims)


like, either try with the red bar or quit the game or just sit under the base


Don't fucking ruin the game for everyone

Great job to everyone that played and helped out with this!
he looked solid green for me 

Great job to everyone that played and helped out with this!

You're welcome.