THF Halo 2 Classic Free For All Tournament ($100 in prizes!)

That freakout. Vavalo was getting hit to the point of lagging, but what a shit way to handle it by feeding kills.

 This sucks for everyone else

No I was watching stream, he was yellow and hella red bar. His nades didn't really work and people were teleporting every now and then. His connection was bad for like ~6 minutes of it.
He was yellow and red sometimes, understandable frustratiob, still not the way to respond to that obv
lmao wow..
If you replay the match, do it with 7 and don't let Vavalo play. What a baby boi
Hey cool ppl have Orange names again. And this meltdown on stream is amazing.
So if 6 out of 7 of you want to redo the finals match because of what happened with Vavalo, I'm all for it. I was watching his stream and he was getting DDosed and fed a lot of you easy kills. So if ya'll want to give it another go, I'll allow it.  Vavalo was in first before he got hit as well. 
Im all for a replay. Even if the prize money stays the same, I dont care.
8th person should be the person with the most kills out of the two 5th place placing players from semis
or me tbh

8th person should be the person with the most kills out of the two 5th place placing players from semis

This works.

Replay the whole finals with all 8 people who made it there. No need to kick vavalo if he was hit offline.  It's not his fault, I probably would have just dropped my controller and walked away if it was me. Replay it with all 8
If it gets replayed i kinda feel bad for Stormy
I would agree to this course of action, but the way he handled the lag/being hit by running out over and over again.... He handled it VERY badly.

Yeah he did.


Replay is on.  Vavalo understands that if he is hit again, he will quit out right away.   He has also agreed to not take any prize money if he places top 3.  I think this is the best and most fair course of action.
stormy a true champ for replaying
If the same thing happens, we're ending the game and keeping the original top 3 who won.
Honestly if i was him i wouldnt have done it.
me neither lol
Replay number 3

yeah, I just got hit offline. Top 3 stays as it was. 

1. Stormy v2

2. Doodlepop

3. LiT Hustla

What a shitty way to end this thing. I cant help but feel I could have won that. It is what it is though. Good games to everyone and congrats Stormy. It sucks this is how it had to end.
What the hell man.
+rep to stormy and everyone being cool and working with bx on this. Glad to see everyone playing together again, looking forward to more in future. Fuck whoever is a lil biatch
Pretty sure it was Choke XL hitting ppl off
Next time NOBODY stream kk TY ruins ALL tournies ever.
That sucks this had to end this way...Oh well good games everyone!! We definitely need to do this again with people donating.. GG
Hustla wasn't even streaming and he still got hit.  I'm honestly not sure how to prevent this problem in this future.
hey man thanks for being willing to replay! ggs
No problem man, we need to run FFAs more often no prize money just for fun
I'm pretty sure I was hit in round 1 as well.. wasn't streaming. Choke XL was in my group though?