THF Halo 2 Classic Free For All Tournament ($100 in prizes!)

I'm thinking about joining up as well, but I'm not 100% sure I'll be to play yet, until when can you sign up? 

also had one question,
are the first brackets randomly chosen?  because as skols said earlier,  host will be a big issue no matter what you try. so wouldn't it be a good idea to try and at least keep the bracket players as much one the same continent as long as that's possible?

Signup anyway.  there's no penalty for missing just one tournament.  If you miss 2 or 3, then maybe.  Lol

haha, alright then 

CyP proty, add it to the list, but what about my question? isn't it a good idea? it would make the first round(s) more fun to play no?

haha, alright then 

CyP proty, add it to the list, but what about my question? isn't it a good idea? it would make the first round(s) more fun to play no?

I'm still figuring it out.  All the details in terms of hosts, seeding, and brackets, will be disclosed right after the registration deadline.

sign me up for the tournament, tM Havxk, can I request host? I have good west coast host
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up.  Let your friends know!
GT: Relyx

Make room for one more.

Gamertag is: VIII VIII VIII

Gamertag: Lucky 7Evans
How exactly do I register? Gamer tag is Mike Fathom
Tag is Mike Fathom sorry new to the site just trying to figure out where I need to post to register

Tag is Mike Fathom sorry new to the site just trying to figure out where I need to post to register

Got it.

LiT Boomr
Thank you :)
Registration has been locked. If anyone cannot make it this Saturday, please let me know ASAP. Thank you.
when can we expect a bracket for this?

when can we expect a bracket for this?

Bracket is done.  Will be posted on Thursday.

I have 125 Down and 15 Up. Texas host.
Best of luck, guys! Would be cool to see a collaboration highlight vid from the tournament. 
Boomr won't be able to play. 

Got it.

Where are the brackets?
I'm going to stream Twitch : alexisibarra
Can't wait for this!
Anybody streaming this or recording it?
Can't wait to see the bracket. Good luck to everyone.

The following are the seeds for the tournament this Saturday.  These were generated from an online list randomizer.  Seeds 1 - 8 will compete in Heat A, seeds 9 - 16 will compete in Heat B, seeds 17 - 24 will compete in Heat C, etc.


Heat A


VAValo - TWITCHtv VAValo

SHER is BATMAN - Thank Yeezy



{AL}ALEXIS - alexis91977

​RtG Syphillis - Gunrath

Hali - ivsi Hali

tone - tonepwns


Heat B


eNc - tM Paradox

Ch0ke - Ch0ke XL

KayTN - Kay Tee Inn

Eamonn - snizzbone

LordZ - LordZ HUGE BR

Twoson - tw0s0n

Kiko Mia - Kiko Mia

VA BlackHawk - VA BlackHawk


Heat C


Sv2 StoRmY v2 - StoRmY v2

fartbox - Teh FartBOX

FlavoRRR - FlavoR kthx LOL

Flurriously - Flurriously

ParfreY - ParFreY


Mintograde - Relyx

zAoxiN - zAoxiNN


Heat D


Shining - Shining

xXBlazin187Xx - Blazinhatesnubz

Titanium - Titaynium

zZ PHOBIA zZ - Wonderlvnd

​Llama - Llama spits

Proty - CyP proty

Se7en Up - iSe7enUpi

FKN LOL - t3h stevis


Heat E


YourBudLud - Your Bud Lud

Vindex - Vindex RN

KayEmX - KayEmX

Hurricane LOL - hi Hurricane

TM22 - TeeEmTwentyTwo

Doodlepop - Stoodlepop

RiDDle - R1DDie me that

Soloist - Soloist


Heat F


J2 - J2 The Creator

Alen - H2 Alen

​Wugums - H2 Wugums



Dudeman27 - dudeman27

TD5X - D5

​FknLoneDrifter - FknLoneDrifter


Heat G


LiLxHustla - LiT Hustla

Liddy - Agile Lidistus

MooMoo - Teh MooMoo

Havok - tM Havxk

Social - SoCiaLLL

Matt TBSA - Matt TBSA

kyepher117 - w1ck3destsnyper

the_goodkat - ivir Goodkat


Heat H


OuTLaW - eX em OuTLaW

cizzzats - Cizzzats

PureVision - FeaR PureVisioN

SYNAPSE97 - Synqpse

Fratuzion - Fratuzion

Sheneyyy - Sheney

IMaFiAl - I MaFiA L

Awkwarrd - Awkwarrd

As stated before, this is a single elimination event.  Top 4 advance, bottom 4 drop out.  Due to bracket restrictions, the last 5 people to sign up will act as substitutes for when people inevitably, do not show up.  I have personally taken myself out of the tournament  in order to better facilitate the rounds.  In the event of a disconnect prior to the first kill of the match, the match is to be restarted. If a player disconnects from the map after the first kill, he/she automatically receives a loss.  The highest seed in each bracket will be responsible for gathering all participants into a preliminary party as well as posting the final score of each match to the thread.  However, hosts will be selected by majority vote for each Heat.  Also, a host check on a non-Midship map will be required by the chosen host before each match is played.  Lastly, a player cannot have host for two consecutive rounds, unless the other 7 players agree that, that person’s host is the best for that round.  If 4 or more players in a Heat cannot decide on a host, than I will step in and pick one for that Heat.

The reason why I am not pre-selecting hosts before the event is because first, a person’s upload and download speed are not a true determinant of whether others can play on their host with minimal problems.  Second, if a person is chosen as a host and they are eliminated in the early rounds, then that presents a problem.  Third, if you chose your hosts before the event, then it creates seeding and bracket problems that would be unfair to everyone who is not a host.  I believe my solution of letting you guys and gals chose your own host for each match is the most fair and logical way for an online free for all tournament.  And I am open to neutralizing the host for the finals if that is what the top 8 wants.  


I want everyone to realize that this event is something that I organized and am orchestrating by myself.  Therefore, I ask everyone to please do their best to make my job easier.  I understand that the MCC still does not work 100% of the time, that is why there is no entry fee for this tournament.  I can already foresee that problems will arise on the day of the event; and I promise to do my very best to resolve all issues and disputes in a way that is fair to everyone competing.  With that being said, please do not cheat nor disrespect anyone participating.  I expect you all to be mature, respectful and most importantly, to just have fun playing the game we all love.  This is the first tourney I have put together in a while, so it is a learning experience for me as well.  And if anyone needs anything from me, the best method to contact me is either in a private message or over XBL.  Thanks again to everyone who signed up and good luck.  

anybody gonna be streaming?

amazing job on organizing this souljah.

I will stream if my internet isn't being a degenerate.
I'll stream tomorrow.

I will stream heat 1, if I get to play, it's in the middle of my exams. 
I said before I wasn't sure I was going to be able to play, I'll make sure to let you guys know at least 2 days before the tourny.

anybody gonna be streaming?

amazing job on organizing this souljah.

Felt the need to echo Rhis' post. Great job on making this happen, Bx. Excellent turnout. I'd love to catch some streams.

Nice job Bx! Competing with doodle and kayemx is gonna be tough, but this is definitely going to be fun!

I'll be streaming games I'm not host.