THF Halo CE 1v1 Tournament - July 18th

I beat Sky 15-7, then 15-3.  GGs dude
Pro-tip: don't let Bx get rockets

I did but no avail. Bl4ckout's on youtube and hasn't answered any invites or messages. How long do I wait?

tone and stockton are not online

If none of those guys are online or they wont play their matches for whatever reason, you both advance.



I assume neither player in Match F is playing.
Bracket has been updated.
Llama isn't on either. Sent him a message and everything.

I assume neither player in Match F is playing.

If neither of those dudes are online then you move on to play me.

Llama isn't on either. Sent him a message and everything.

Yeah I see that, you advance as well.

okay well i advance woo
Yeah my bad, I was in Match F. Just barely made it home. Sorry for not showing up in time.
I won against Popebum.

I won against Popebum.


Cizzzats just raped the shit out of me.  GGs.
won the first game 15-13 on hang em and then won second game 15-3 on wizard versus EdDo

Game 1 was 15-10, and game 2 was 15-6.

I won against Kayemx 15-2 and 15-1

Who won your Round 3 match?
Hang em high 15-6 KBlocker
Wizard 15-2 :( KBlocker

Bracket has been updated.  We are in top 4 now.  Keep in mind, there is a 3rd place consolation match.  
And thanks @nasty for the warmups :)
Now I don't feel so bad for getting wrecked by Mintograde. Rooting for him to take it all.
I won against Parfrey 15-10 and 15-9
I beat Kblocker 2-0 (15-5 and 15-8).
It would be nice if one of ya'll would stream the finals.  Or at least record it and upload the games to YouTube later :)
Underdogs coming out strong, holy shit.
Neither of these guys are underdogs.  Lol 
Well shit. CE veterans I haven't seen or talked to before, coming out strong.
Mintograde won 2-0.
Thanks man.  Congrats on the win.
Relyx, too strong. Expected nothing less though. GG's everyone who participated, another smoothly organized and executed event from BX.
won 1st game 15-1 on pris, won 15-9 second game on wiz vs kblocker

GG's everyone


Thank you to everyone for competing!

Thanks for getting this together Bx!