AYellowSnowball :: Halo 2 MCC Sticktage - Edited by SillyGoose

Release Date: 
October, 2015
SillyGoose: "The back story of this montage goes back almost a year ago to 2014 about a month before The Master Chief Collection (MCC) was released. I had planned to play a lot of MCC, make my own montages and edit a bunch of other peoples montages. So before MCC was released I ask AYellowSnowball (aYs) if I could edit an MCC Sticktage for him. He said yes but after the game came out and its was super broke and me just having worked on 'Into the tranQ' for 6 months straight I left burnt out of editing and decided to take a break. I ended up dropping the Sticktage I had planned for aYs and the editing break I took lasted all of 2015. Fast forward to about July or August maybe, aYs message me beginning me to edit his Sticktage because he couldn't find an editor. Since he didn't want anything flashy with the editing and I felt bad for dropping him since I rarely dropped projects I told him I would find it in my heart to edit it for him. Over the course of 2 or 3 months I edited this montage and here it is. Hope you enjoy!"