Dill :: BELIEVER - First H3 (MCC) Montage

Release Date: 
November, 2016
My first ever H3 (MCC) tage, gameplay and editing by me. There is a wide range of variety in the gameplay, from launch splatters to clean multis with sick shots, and a hornet passenger laser jaro (on split screen) to a stick poc. Gameplay took about a year to compile, as I had to scrap clips for better ones. The edit is my first real edit, and I've been self taught since I've never really gotten a whole lot of tips or feedback, except from a few people I had to reach out to.  There's some rough spots, but a majority of it looks well, and it compliments the gameplay. The music choice is upbeat, since most tages now just have a depressing, "gray" feel to them, with serious ominous songs. A lot of you will like the second song I imagine. I took an inspiration from LuckyDutch's "VIBE", Axilo's "ENJOY", and Trevx64 for creativity and other ideas. With all of this, enjoy!