INGENUITY :: A Halo 3 Montage

Release Date: 
August, 2016
Discussion Thread: 
TheHaloForum’s montage contest brought us back for another go at Halo 3. With all of the experience from my previous montages behind me, Behr and I were able to get to even more difficult spots and push the game to its absolute limits (no such thing). Both buying functioning Xbox 360s allowed us to go for clips that were otherwise much harder and implausible on Xbox One. We’ve focused on many “impossible online” spots. Countless hours were spent in forge practicing/finding jumps and spots to have a chance at doing them online. We worked hard since January seemingly nonstop. Our main focus in this montage was variety. We went for clips using the coolest and most interesting methods which were often necessary to get to the spot. We hope you will learn something, enjoy!