Bringing back the Preserving History Montage Torrent

For those who like their montages on their HD
06/06/2015 - 2:39am

Hey all,

On the initiative of @Crest and with the help of @lowstrife we have the ol' Preserving History torrent back up and running, with more seed support coming soon once people have it downloaded again. I was already getting good speeds when I tested it though.

In 2010 @FraGTaLiTy and @lowstrife initiated this project. see:

If you just want to watch montages our Videos page is your friend, but many of us do like to have the physical copies as well. Copyright audio swaps/mutes being one of the reasons. Watching it on a portable DVD player on the Toilet being another #SillyGoosing. Of course it's not as easy to browse a folder with mostly original file names (montage.wmv doesnt say much, of course that's an extreme example)  but a great many videos can be found with a little digging.

Again, this was created in 2010, the cut off was the time of the Halo Reach Beta so dont expect the great videos of the past 4+ years in here, this is a selection of the first half of the now decade of Halo Montage History. The Torrent is made up out of folders pertaining to each halo game, so it's easy to select in line with your interests. 

We'd like to thank @bjorn_248 as well for the years of him keeping the torrent up and running.

Click HERE for a link to the torrent file.

Click to see the Torrent Folder lay out


P.S. to ward of any confusion; the picture above is just a printscreen from one of my personal folders, didnt feel like finding the old external HD for a printscreen.