Announcement: THF Tournaments Coming Soon!

Sign up for free, community sponsored tournaments.
06/10/2015 - 6:40pm

Last month, TheHaloForum hosted it's first official community tournament since the launch of the new website. Nearly 70 players registered for and competed in the THF Halo 2 Classic Free For All Tournament, which was organized by @BxSouljah.

The community activity and feedback from the tournament was extremely positive, with many users expressing interest in participating in future tournaments. We're happy to announce that due to this response, TheHaloForum will soon be launching a brand new "Tournaments" feature to the website. In the coming days, a brand new area of the site will be opened up to the public with a list of upcoming tournaments, all officially sponsored and run by our community.

Monthly Tournaments

Each month, TheHaloForum will sponsor a free to play tournament that all registered users can sign up to participate in. The tournaments will vary between team and free for all based formats, as well as vary between games within the Master Chief Collection title. Many tournaments will include cash prizes, and registration will always be free. Hopefully, with any amount of success, we will look to reach out to potential partners/sponsors to help expand tournament prizes.

Tournament Registration

When the new "Tournaments" feature launches, a registration system will allow us to control open and close registration dates, send out email reminders to participants, track results, and more. Individual game reporting, pools, brackets, and other tournament specific information will continue to be communicated via an official tournament thread, which will be linked from the tournament page.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more information and the announcement of our next community tournament.