H2C FFA Tournament Recap

All For Free
06/02/2015 - 2:02pm

This past Saturday forum members competed in an online Halo 2 classic free for all tournament for cash prizes.  

Over 64 players signed up for the single elimination event.  With the exception of a few no shows in round 1, the tournament ran smoothly all the way up until the final round where someone felt the need to mess with people their connections. With some participants streaming on twitch the twitch chat was a cool place to mess around about the games and halo in general. 

Kayemx, Doodlepop, Hustla, Wild Cherry, VIII VIII VIII, StoRmY, VAValo, and Blazin all fought their way to the top 8.  And although many members had expected some of these names to make it far, there were a few notable upsets in the early rounds.  

In the end, the three players to place in the money were Stormy, Doodlepop, and Hustla in that respective order.  Congratulations to Stormy for taking home 1st place and thank you to everyone who participated and was pro active in making this a fun and smooth experience.  

We're happy with the response and will improve on our ability to run these types of things, stay tuned to www.thehaloforum.com for future online, free to enter, cash tournaments.