THF Halo CE 1v1 Tournament Recap

A Salty Saturday
07/19/2015 - 3:58pm

This past Saturday, players competed in TheHaloForum's first ever online Halo CE 1v1 tournament for cash prizes.

Over 25 players signed up for the event, however the tourney was plagued by many byes due to heavy amount of no shows from competitors.  Regardless, the event ran without any major issues and the players that participated had a great experience.  The top 4 consisted of Mintograde, ParfreY, Cizzats. and KBlocker; with Mintograde and Cizzats advancing to the finals.  For the 3rd place match, KBlocker and ParfreY played on Prisoner and Wizard.  Parfrey won Prisoner 15-1 and 15-9 on Wizard to take home 3rd place and the $30 prize.

In the finals, Mintograde (aka Relyx) took on Cizzzats in the finals, with Mintograde coming out top 2-0.  Check out some footage of the finals here.

Congrats on Cizzats for taking home 2nd and earning $50 and Mintograde for earning the 1st place prize of $75!

Thank you to everyone who competed and congratulations to our three finalists.   Stay tuned to for future online, free to enter, cash tournaments.