Selling my old HDPVR for CHEAP

Hey y'all. I doubt anyone will want it but I'm selling my old Happauge 1212 HDPVR. It's component only, so only works for someone looking to capture for the 360.  I've had it about 3 years, but it's very lightly used since I only captured probably 6 batches of clips. It comes with the installation CD for the capture program, which is really easy to use and offers some cool options. I believe the PVR only does up to 720p/30fps, but it does work quite reliably and the quality is good for any halo game on the 360 (30fps).

$50 outright, accepting pretty much any offer over $25. I'm really just trying to get this out of my room since space is very limited. Not bad for someone looking to get into the montage scene who just needs to be able to cap HD clips from their hard drive. Message me or reply if interested. Thanks!

I would buy it off you--for the recording timer alone--but I can't add any more recording devices to my computer as it is. Good luck, though!