Reviving the old Halo 2 Forum

Hello friends of old, I hope you're all doing well. It's stupid how much I think about you hooligans and all the fun times we had.

That being said, I purchased this website as well as all of the old website's databases from Jake a few months back. I'm currently looking for somoene who can refresh the old Halo 2 Forum from the old VBulletin databases. It's actually quite the tricky process from what I've seen and from the people I've talked to, so if anyone here knows of anyone in that world, please have them shoot me a message. There is also some work to be done on this website, which is built on Drupal, so if anyone has that knowledge I would love to pick your brain and get some ideas for new features and bug fixes.

Feel free to reach out to me on here,  or through the contact info below:


@HAblePwN on Twitter

HAble on Discord


Much love,


Hell yes! I'm so happy !!! Thank you Hable <3

Hable you crazy but i love it. I got 0 knowledge on the technical side tho

Good luck

Love to see it