Any rap Music Producers on here?

Just wondering. im known to make a beat or 10 lawlz. anyone else? btw.. im back i guess, here and there that is..
You use FL? I use ableton.
FL user here. 
i'm fetty wap's producer
fetty waps producer lol, i was born in paterson. yea i fuck with FLstudio since fruity loops 6 way back when. i use 11 producer edition. i aint fuckin with 12 yet i dont really like it but itll take some getting used to.. i make alot of trap beats and sample beats and old school ny type shit. i have a few different styles i work it. mostly genres of hiphop/rap though. i recently got nexus 2 so ive been using that recently for some shit. ive been producing on and off for about 7-8 years.. i have a few underground type rappers and groups that got some shit from me. im too busy with life and work though so i dont have much time to do what i do..
It's best to use what you're good with.  A couple of my buddies use FL because they've used it so long.  Two of them moved on from FL to Reaper/Guru because of their Miko units...and one of them just picked up Garage band.  But all of them (can) make good shit with knowing how to use their tools.  I'm not a fan of every single beat they make...but you can make good quality beats with each tool.
yea i strictly use FL, and yea i agree anyone can make something good if they know what there working with

on the real tho if someone wants to collab for fun let me know..


i play guitar so u guys could do the drum bass etc and i'll lay down some tasty licks.

bro can you play some wicked dark horror type shit?
i can do my best

​lil track I'm working on

ask pistol
thats ill bro
 some recent shit i did. got mad old shit on my tube

​lil track I'm working on

Good shit man

Bump cause I just released an instrumental hip-hop album I've been working on on and off for the past few years. Industrial/Experimental sound to it. It's also conceptual. Peep it

Ableton 9 w/ Waves Diamond 9.x, Ozone 6, massive ect. 

not bad man. The bass is way too overwhelming tho on some of the tracks lol.


Also heres a new track I just uploaded

i envisioned my prison sentence, i must rise from my submissions, a fucking whole county on tension.

i write to throw out insight, just some pieces of a mind washed by society's endless tied.

they paved the way to a terrorist state of mind.

just crazed messages from the f.b.y?

controlling the media they're feedin ya.

check out a rap song i made

SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

I like all your guy's beats. Give them to me.

Proof I can rap

old but good.

I like all your guy's beats. Give them to me.

Proof I can rap

old but good.

good stuff