Ghost: Mastery Jump Map on MCC

I've been searching all over MCC for jump maps, but, since the game was still born, there is very little custom content out there. I decided to make my own jump map, so I hope you guys appreciate it. 

GT -- EvaduR

Gametype -- Ghost: Jumping

Map -- Ghost: Mastery


If you land the last jump, you can send me the film for a spot on the Ghost Mastery Wall under my stream at


By the way, the audio is unintentional. I was just chilling with Host Shots at 4am and didn't realize the stream audio was being recorded.

Damn thats crazy! I'll give it a shot, but might take me a year to complete :p
you're a fucking weirdo omg haha that was tight
sup eamonn
I keep coming back to this video, its so mesmerizing o_0
 Sup dude. lmao every time we meet i feel like I'm meeting myself.
thanks man. I put a lot of time into it, so I'm happy you like it.