Xbox One Backwards Compatibility General Discussion

Most of you know what backwards compatibility is. If you don't, read this

I'm sure most of our favorite games from Xbox 360 will eventually be compatible on Xbox One; so here's where we can discuss anything backwards compatibility related. 

If you're a Xbox One preview member, Gears of War 1 is available for backwards compatibly today (3 Aug 15). 

Also, if you buy the new Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming out late August, you will be eligible to download ALL Gears of War games to your Xbox One. I'm super hype about this because Gears is my favorite game franchise; Gears 3 being my favorite

I'm having déjà vu.
Don't know why this thread was created so many times.. 
I wonder. Will backwards compatibility run smoothly.  I wonder.

Don't know why this thread was created so many times.. 

Or so early. This is Preview members only. The actual release won't be available until friggin' Winter. So until then, there's really no point unless you're in the preview program.

We can still discuss any news about it.

We had a MCC discussion for almost a year before it came out. 

I wonder. Will backwards compatibility run smoothly.  I wonder.

I was playing Gears 1 yesterday and honestly it ran even smoother than it did on Xbox 360. 

Good to hear! Let's hope it stays that way, and everything will be up and running for the rest of the games as well.
So Im part of the preview program but under my preview page there really isnt much going on. No windows promting or even mentioning backwards compatibility anywhere. I own gears and several other *digital* copies of sick games I'd love to have access to on my One. Any ideas how I go about achieving this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Did you insert your Gears 1 disc into your Xbox One? If you're a preview member, that should do the trick. 

Nah I don't have a hard copy, only digital, but I figured it out. Under games to the far right there's a panel with all the titles linked to my GT that are compatible. Right now it's only Gears and Perfect Dark.


Thanks regardless tho

I tried Mass Effect 1 on my xbox one and it was really choppy, Im sure thatll get fixed but it was kind of unplayable :\
GoW runs smooth, hopefully they add BO2 and MW2 soon
CoD 4 plz. (if it's not on the list, I haven't looked)