The Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox One/PS4/PC)


it releases for Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday June 9th, I already paid it off and am looking forward to playing it. Anyone else getting it? 

I think I'll pick it up later today and try it out
Good luck. Can't even log on. 
Google said they were having problems. I'll still pick it up. Only $60
Ill be picking it up sometime next week for sure
I was finally able to log in last night. Played for about 2 hours, 1 hour of that was deciding what my character looked like haha. I love it so far, a lot of fun. 
I'm a lvl 5 centaur wizard. Get at me faggots
Just got to lvl 18 today, add me: Hi im BL4CKOUT
#TeamRedguard #DaggerfallDiddlers
How the fuck do you guys level up so fast? The kid on my friends list is already level 23
Yeah wtf? I'm level 10 and that's with a lot of playtime. This game is hard as fuck to level. PvP was pretty fun, was rather laggy but I'm enjoying myself so far.
Yeah I have no fucking idea. Maybe they're finding quests super fast on my first account I got to level 8 in what seems like a lot less time than this other character I'm playing as. And I haven't noticed too much lag, just the typical npc disappearing so I can't turn in my quest which gets annoying after awhilw
Man I know this game is going to have bugs but I don't like killing a creature in a quest that's 6 levels ahead of me only to have it respawn 5 seconds later then I get it down to 1 centimeter of health then die
They need to fix the login servers. 
It took me probably 30 minutes to log in last night and it was like 1030. I didn't think there would be that many people on that late on a Sunday. I don't know how I leveled up so fast on my first character. Got it to level 8 in a few hours and I've spent at least twice as much time on this other one and its just now level 8
They don't fuck around with these dungeon in this game. Then again we are doing a level 17 with a level 14, 16 and 24 character. You would think the level 24 would be doing a lot of damage but we're having a hard time

How the fuck do you guys level up so fast? The kid on my friends list is already level 23

Speeding through quests and exploring to higher level areas for more xp. I stopped playing for a while, got on today and hit lvl 33 after 2 quests