I'm not sure if this is unfinished or not, but it's an old edit by GTS that he gave me permission to upload. 

Also, me, wvnderland and gts are dropping an edit and we would like thehaloforum to host it. It's a trailer called "brake" quite possibly one of the sickest trailers ever. 

I'll pass some info about it. So GTS did the body, syncing, flow, and effects, wvnderland did the audio, color correction and effects, and I helped them finish it by adding in the finishing touches on the audio and the title work and I also used an AI to upscale the project to 4K and the FPS to 60. 

Clarifying: the trailer was unfinished and I finished it. If GTS and WVNDERLAND want to tackle the main project together I'm down.