"REMISSION" - Lost In Time H2C Teamtage : Edited by Zentz Productions


‚ÄčIt is finally here. After a few months of issues and setbacks we are proud to present out Halo 2 Team  Montage. When we created Lost In Time, this was one of our visions as a group. We are all long time fans of halo and the majority of us discovered the classic Halo's in our teenage years (Doodle and Hustla discovered Halo when they were 8 and squeaky.) We grew up watching Trinity, The Finale,  and every montage that was hosted here between 2005 - 2009. We were disappointed with the state of Halo Montages and we wanted to recapture that feel of the classic Halo 2 montage; something I believe we accomplished with this video. There is some incredible gameplay in this video and I am honored to be selected as the editor. 

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we have enjoyed making it. Thank you again to everyone who has supported us. We look forward to seeing you all on Halo 5 and have much more planned from here. Thank you again.

So dope, really enjoyed this!

That was awesome guys! Lots of strong clips in this. A few off the top of my head:

Blackhawk's quad trip off my nade
Steves RRBX frenzy on Kevin
Balles snipe frenzy to elbow
Hustla with that quad trip quickscope tac sword...dirty

I think it's safe to say that I fully understand and support what you guys were trying to do with LIT. It was great to see at least one part of the community still putting in the effort to keep H2 alive after all these years.

Cool video guys.

I'm so hyped to see this video come to life after so many set backs. Despite most of the clips being from winter/spring when we initially started the project i still think the clip selection was excellent and there were so many good plays in here. I cannot thank you enough for the work you did on the edit Jordon, and in such a short amount of time as well. Can't find the words right now, just incredibly happy with the end result and looking forward to more halo in the future, and hopefully even better projects.

Hmm I'm kinda conflicted. I thought this video gameplay wise was going to be the strongest thing out yet, but I think there were numerous videos on par with it. Thats not to say the gameplay wasn't amazing though! Loved Blackhawks Quadshot trip and Hustlas lockout killtac where he no scoped the sword guy.

I also thought Fuster was editing this?

Regardless I thought this was Blackhawks best edit yet and it was pretty great all the way through.

Some things I disliked where the soundtrack and the text used in the intro for the players. Other than that I thought it was great, wished it was more though!

Good job to everyone involved

I actually do have my own version of this teamtage, but we left it up to a group vote as to which one would be the official version, and blackhawk won out on a very close vote.  We were simultaneously editing our own versions of the teamtage because of what happened with our previous editor, and steve wanted a backup just to make sure we could get this done before Halo 5 comes out.  I'll probably post mine sometime in the next few days. 

Lol dam you spent all that time on something thats not even official, I feel bad =[
Watched intro and need to properly pepper my angus now before watching, brb will edit when done.

(Edit) Very impressive video. Had to watch twice because the first time I was to busy admiring the editing. The gameplay was very good guys, but I'm not sure if it was your guys best, combine this and  Dying breed and I probably would have shot my penis off out of excitement. Regardless this video had good shit gameplay wise. I felt like gp placement however was a little off at times, example 8:18 i was expecting the best clip in the montage, it was solid, but it wasnt the best clip in the video. Regardless amazing job Blackhawk and LIT

Lol dam you spent all that time on something thats not even official, I feel bad =[

Eh, don't really mind too much as I still get a channel upload for my subs to watch.  It's been a while since I've put a full length edit on my channel.

I remember squeaky Lil x Hustla lmao.

Nice use of Element 3D for the intro, I was gonna do that :(
Great video, loved the editing and the clips. No complaints on my end.

Had to pause just to say this before I get into the video. This was probably one of the best intros I've ever seen. Idk if it's the weed but that shit was amazing.
I was expecting some stronger gameplay, but the gameplay was still great. Came out really nice. Wasn't a fan of the soundtrack, just my opinion though.
Intro and song transition was fantastic. Gameplay was tops too, probably the most enjoyable video to come out of MCC imo.
Old skool as fuck, sk0ls rrbx frenzy was too much, great vid, will articulate more when i have awoken, good shit for now
so gooood
Glad this finally got finished. Great job on all accounts. Especially Jordon, this edit is fantastic. The intro is probably one of my all time favorite intros for a montage. Which is crazy because if I recall correctly, this was your first legit try at doing any 3D work of this caliber. Keep on learning my friend. 
So has anyone figured out what movie Jordon stole the intro out of yet? I'm still searching.

So has anyone figured out what movie Jordon stole the intro out of yet? I'm still searching.


Transformers 12

So has anyone figured out what movie Jordon stole the intro out of yet? I'm still searching.


Transformers 12

I heard that one was a real return to form for the series.

halo is definitely back, from the past couple of videos i've seen being released. i really enjoyed this.

superb gameplay with excellent editing as well.

AMAZING JOB BOYS I LOVED IT! Great job all around. Especially you Jordan.
Editing was great, gameplay was amazing, multiple holy shit moments, loved it.
That intro was fucking dope.  I remember when you accidently uploaded it to YouTube a while ago.   Murtaw's Oddball Killtac on Lockout at 2:16 to save the game really impressed me; I love seeing "clutch plays" like that as opposed to just basic "clips".   I remember when Spenz posted that Ivory Tower Jaro on like day 1 on MCC's release.  I love those little heads-up effects that make me pay more attention to certain clips.  Big Balles Frenzy on Lockout at around 5:26 made me stop and rewind the video.  The music was pretty good, definitely fit the mood of a hardcore H2 montage.   And kinda like the last big project ya'll recently released, there aren't any weak or subpar clips in this video; everything exceeds expectations.  And I know I've said it before you you guys seriously need to start posting all the LiT content on other Halo forums; this shit is too good for it not to be seen by more Halo heads.  I need to get on MCC and play with ya'll more, especially since it seems like almost everyone is jumping ship to H5.  The editing was perfect for me, really pieced the whole montage together, and the angles I saw in the beginning were well done.   I felt the ending was a little lackluster.  Excellent video gentlemen, excited to see what's in store for the future.  
That oddball killtac is actually Parfrey's.  It was just incorrectly labled in this version.  Not sure if you noticed the discrepancy when you saw my render.

I don't youtube, so

Fuster your part was great. Did you not have as many clips or something? It seemed like Jordans part had a lot better gameplay and more clips

Ok, I thought I was crazy.  Lol

I don't youtube, so

Fuster your part was great. Did you not have as many clips or something? It seemed like Jordans part had a lot better gameplay and more clips

No, we were both sent the same clips; I just went for a shorter video than Blackhawk did due to time constraints.  I also felt a shorter video would have been better anyway.

Just needed to come back in here to say this is one of the best editing montages I've seen in a long time. Does my heart good to see someone know how to mix tracks and keep the flow going.

Excellent montage.  Loved the distilled editing style and effects pacing, not too much but just enough to make a 9:46 video seem much, much shorter, that magic moment when you look at the time elapsed indicator and can't believe it was really that long.

Watching this, like so many other LiT products makes me secretly wish we could all go back to 2007-08 again and just hang out there for a few months.

This would have probably won one of the competitions  back in the day.  Lots of this stuff takes me back.  Seems like it was actual Halo 2, though.  Not MCC, right?  Glad to see Ball3s and DonMiguel still takin' names.  Does DM still go into chicken-gobble-mode when he gets on a roll?
MCC aka Halo 2 Vista. Nope not OG H2.
I broke away from Halo/Xbox with Bungie...so I haven't touched this stuff since Reach.  I thought it would have been crazy to be OG H2, though...cause some of the quality /resolution was tip-top on this compared to what we had back then.  I figured it was a capture card upscaling or something - was about to ask.  I've watched some more of these "vista montages" since, and realized that this is MCC.  Halo 2 Vista...haha, really?  Is that what the coding is on the disc?
Nah, I played a ton of Halo 2 and a ton of Halo 2 Vista. Some aspects, like spawns, are brought over, but the game plays much more like OG Halo 2 than Vista. Trust.