My 100 Favourite Halo 3 Montages (Part II)

I was making good progress on this until Wizard came out. These write ups kind of suck, but anyway here's 80-61

80. Tommy Kost and Gennexxt H3 Dualtage edited by Tommy Kost


79. Tetralized H3M1 edited by Ruxs


78. WittyQ’s First and Final edited by thestrangestick


77. Best of Muggsy


76. Warriors edited by Trippin


75. Best of Stain3s


74. Foreigner (Spawn) edited by TranQ


73. Dualtality (Fragtality and Sticktality) edited by Fragtality


72. Blood, Sweat and Glory (Eamonn) edited by Sor3


71. Seraphic’s Final


70. Apex by Kampy


69. Lag Warrior (Dutchy) edited by Zane


68. Trunks H3M2 edited by Savagr


67. Sandman’s Final edited by SillyGoose


66. SkyFall (Allstar, Ian Feltz, Most Dope) edited by Most Dope


65. Northern Neighbours edited by Bagel


64. The Experience by Salaya


63. 5 Deadly Venoms (Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii, Mantis, YBLOC) featuring editing from Staines and Stobs


62. Somnium (Twitchy) edited by Dream


61. Neighbor & Hysteria edited by Phurion



Surprised to see dualtality and apex so high up in here but solid write ups man! Keep these comin!
Quality thread. Tizoxic's is probably #1 to no ones surprise
I usually don't care enough to read huge walls of text, but because they are broken up into separate parts it is somehow easier for me, and I'll tell you that I actually really enjoy reading these short reviews. You're showing that you know a fuckton about what kind of work that goes into making a great montage, and it's interesting to see my own opinion of someone change just from reading what they're writing. I don't know why, but you're really building up my respect for you with this list (not that I didn't have any before this; I did, just in a completely different way). I'm looking forward to each new part that comes out, and even though I doubt I'll see myself on this list, I'm still holding out hope. 
Super cool and love the format, had a blast going through some of these for a bit.

65. Northern Neighbours edited by Bagel


The editing on this one is apparently incomplete, but that’s okay because the editing doesn’t matter. If anything, it slightly hinders the gameplay in the first song. I’m not exactly a fan of Billy Talent, but I think the song used for this was perfect a high paced MLG montage. The second song is almost a polar opposite, but it somehow fits and gives the montage a different aspect. Of course the reason this is so high is the gameplay. Coming out in 2010, this shit blew me away the first time I saw it and many of the clips still do. I think there was controversy over stolen clips and that shit straight up kills me, having had my clips stolen before. That being said, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the controversial clips elsewhere and the reality is that they are disturbingly good clips. Some of my favourites include Outlawz’ open purple triple, Vorlin’s wall glitch killtac on Pit, Gary’s no scope exterms on Pit and Construct, Mawnstar’s Pit triple and no scope exterm and Laine’s last bullet Guardian exterm. Really, most of the clips in the second song are just phenomenal, though I get a little angry every time I see that rando Sandtrap clip.


There was controversy over stolen clips? I don't remember that. I suppose it's possible though as there were a ton of people in the tage. And yeah Bagel definitely didn't finish the video. I was pretty upset at the time as there were a few glaring things he could have easily fixed (the credits in particular), but whatever, he did it for free and it was still a sweet video.  

Psyched to see two videos I was apart of on your list.  Best of Muggsy is definitely one of my alltime favs, although pretty much every Muggsy video would be on my list. Love the way his videos flow.

Yeah I didn't hear anything about stolen clips.

Why is there no way to delete posts holy fuck...

I might be wrong, but I thought I remembered there being a huge thing in the comment sections. Certainly not Gun Shiii level, but something.

I might be wrong, but I thought I remembered there being a huge thing in the comment sections. Certainly not Gun Shiii level, but something.

Found a youtube comment accusing the stealing of a clip. I guess that's a controversy.. unless there was a forum thread about it as well that I can't find.

My favorite montage controversy is actually in this thread as well. Oh Fragtality how you edit exterm medals in so well... lmao. 
Overkill* And it's so hard to fake well that I really don't see the point of trying. Looked so odd, caught it on my first watch lol.

I swear there is an "extermination" announcement in there as well that doesn't belong. I meant audio, I remember the overkill medal though haha.

I'll give it a watch later :)


My favorite montage controversy is actually in this thread as well. Oh Fragtality how you edit exterm medals in so well... lmao. 

I'm not sure which i prefer: Editing in medals or having your buddies play on handicap in FFA.

Nah, it's just the overkill sound.

LOL @ Steve

@ fatal - yee I must have remembered it wrong. Still hilarious either way :D

How long until part three and looks like my M1 is out because if it hasn't been in now there is no way its going to make it the closer and closer it gets to the greatest of all time.
Isn't your M1 Reach? This list is only H3.
Part 3 is done as soon as I write it. I really thought I'd have nothing to say about most montages, but Word says I've typed 9040 words through 40 videos. Gross.

The way you're putting these threads together is great. Having a lot of fun reading it all. 

Couldn't agree more with what you said about my gameplay in 5DV. I'm glad you're honest/critical and straightforward in a project like this. Definitely a reason for me to return for part 3 :) 

Yay 5DV made the list. Def agree with what you said about my part. I really like how much quality effort you put into this man. Can't wait for Part 3.
Really liking those writeups and the use of Gifs, made me watch WittyQ's Montage, didn't know he had a standalone one,just knew of the dual with tranQ. I will definetely read through the next parts too.
As a latecomer to the scene, these threads are literal gold for me since I haven't seen about 50% of these. I imagine I'll have seen more as we near the top 25 but still, I'm more grateful than you know for this.
I LOL'd at montages from 2009 being considered "old school". I deffy dont agree with some of these placements but I respect your opinion, espeically since there's quite a few videos in the OP that I've never seen. Or at least, I dont remember them at all.
I didn't really get into montages until 2010, so anything before that I often view as old school. I also wasn't much of an H2 player. I still think old school is more of a vibe than an actual time frame though.

Yeah, I definitely agree. When I think of "old school" MLG montages, I don't necessarily mean by date but just how they're edited, what music they use, etc. Montages like 3 and Tension's M1, which both came out in '09 if I'm not mistaken, come to mind. Frankly, '09 was a long time ago anyways, especially relative to the lifetime and evolution of the montaging scene, so I don't think it's wrong to say that they're old school.

EDIT: I went back to watch 3 and reading pTw's comments is hilarious. He claims it sucked but then later says the sQ tage "was perfect" lmao.