My 100 Favourite Halo 3 Montage (Part III)

These are getting harder to write and I'm getting less coherent with each one

60. Me123Army H3M1 edited by WhaTime


59. Stormy v2 H3M edited by Xander


58. Broly Bro H3M edited by Purgatory


57. Enjoy (Axilo, McGee) edited by Fuzon


56. Iron Sky edited by Reflex


55. Roadblock’s Final edited by Backfire


54. Clarity (Quantum) edited by Zen


53. Messes of Men (Dutchy, Fatrat, Stobs) edited by Stobs


52. Salaya H3M4


51. Piano Frenzy H3M1


50. Levings H3M3


49. Dutchy IV edited by Puba


48. Str8 Rippin (Elamite Warrior, Snip3down, T2, TuLegit) edited by Zola


47. Obsidian (Element) edited by Revenge


46. Glopn H3M2 edited by TranQ


45. Frost (MK, Trunks) edited by MK


44. Fill the Void (Qubic) edited by ThumbsUp


43. Carnage & Chaos edited by Atiemark


42. Game Over (Mirific) edited by GC, MK


41. Trevx64 MCCM1 edited by Shaunburrs



Thanks for the feature in here! Glad you enjoyed, that was Shaunburrs who did the editing for the MCC M1, I did do the capping for a lot of the angles but he put everything together. I also loved Mirific, it would be nice if MK didnt just completely stop talking to me after he said he would edit my last tage though, kind of low :( He is one of the best around for cool effects though and I respect him for that.  Enjoy was also amazing an amazing tage along with the rest of the vids in here, quality post as usual!
Great list so far, keep it up! Although idk if i could put the st8 tage behind Fill the void and Carnage and Chaos. Either way can't wait for Part 4
Yea, I'd say Str8 and Roadblock are a little low. Great list regardless.

Was tipped off about this list, thoroughly enjoying your write-ups and the way you've formatted the threads. Instead of being a slight chore to read through, it's a pleasure.

Thanks for the kind words about the vids from me you've put in here - glad you like 'em almost as much as I do. Also, it's cool to see similarities to my own mind in your likes and dislikes.

Looking forward to the remaining parts, thanks for the trip back to enjoyment lane.

omg i forgot about me123army, i know what i'm doing for the next 20 mins
Nice, Tizoxics being #1 is still very clearly happening.

I can't believe how low the Str8tage places every time lists like these are made. It's getting ridiculous lol. Also, happy to see Broly Bro's montage, definitely one of my favourites although I'd put it above a few of the videos in this list.

@Wanny I think we all know that spot is reserved for Godson.

There are about 5 or 6 montages that you put way way too low on your list. I'm reading some of these write ups and I'm just shaking my head. But again, this is all your opinion. So props to you for the dedication and making the gifs for each vid.
I just watched Stormy's montage by Xander for the first time. Absolutely blew me away. The editing fit the song well and it was really well executed too. The gameplay was phenomenal as well.