My 100 Favourite Halo 3 Montages Part IV

Mistakes were made, so there are now technically 101 videos on this list. These writeups are getting harder and harder to do and the more I watch these montages, the more I find myself re-arranging them, particularly in the top 40. That's also contributed to this taking way more time. The line separating the montage at, say, #30 and the montages just outside the top 10 is very, very thin and remember just because I've placed something lower than it would be on a greatest montages list, doesn't mean I don't like it. Anyway, enough pointless text, here are montages 40 through 21 (+ a bonus montage)

40. TranQ H3M2/Trevx64’s Final


39. Status Quo (Ace, Flamesword, Totz) edited by Insane, pTw, Zanster


38. Renzo H3M


37. Look Before You Leap 4 edited by Fusion, Jagged Shrapnel, Xwo


36. NocturnalKernal H3M1 edited by Seraphic


35. Cubby H3M1 edited by Muggsy


34. Velander H3M1 edited by Impulse Fire


33. .exe (Roadblock) edited by pTw


32. Joltor H3M1 edited by Dutchy


31. Fatrat H3M2


30. Together (Grilljake, Holmbolm, North Power, Spawn) edited by Holmbolm


29. Frenetic Array (Docko, Heff, Slayer, Voltage) edited by Mattisson


28. Fatal, Listomania, Nostril, Wezlit Quadtage edited by Ishii


27. Dance 2 by McGee


26. The Phenomenon (Exeption, R1) edited by Cristali


25. Phurion’s Final


24. The Buktage (Buk20, Buk57) edited by Ph1lza


23. Black Box edited by Sor3


22. Headshot Shy H3M3


21. Tallow H3M edited by TranQ



Yay, I guessed right! :) Glad to be in here and yeah, most of the MLG clips were mine.

I'm still so disappointed that Exeption and R1 didn't find a better editor. I remember playing against them and seeing clips on their fileshare, they were amazing. Luckily, the gameplay is great enough to shine past the crap editing.

I'm really not a fan of the sQ tage and I honestly cannot believe that it ranked this far above the Str8tage. It came out a full year after the Str8tage yet had significantly worse gameplay. It was filled with clean-up BR exterms (and even a BR triple lol), average sniper triples, and rarely had any standout clips, such as Totz all noscope exterm or Ace's Narrows killtac.  I understand that a lot of it is against pros or semi-pros but, personally, I'd rather see an entertaining clip against MLG 50s than a shitty sniper triple against a pro team. However, my bigger issue with this montage was definitely the editing. After the amazing trailer they released, it was just so fucking disappointing. When I think of pTw as an editor, I think of unique music, effects, and a creative montage. If you asked me to guess who edited the first two songs of this montage, pTw would be one of the last people I guessed. Seriously, look at .exe and then look at this and the difference is just unfathomable. Instead, we get generic music and lots of shitty, overused effects like the blood splatter or the copy of Katha's text. And this shake right here actually looks so amateurish that I couldn't believe pTw did it. pTw's response to the criticism he received on H3F was pathetic too. He essentially called everyone an idiot and claimed that "this video is perfect". Overall, it isn't actually that bad but I guess I just expected too much and it fell flat.

Also don't like Frenetic Array but that's mainly because I can't stand Mattison's editing or soundtrack and his game audio isn't done well imo. It's just too over the top for me. Still, the intro is absolutely incredible and I have to give him credit for that. The credits are pretty neat as well and the gameplay is great.

I really love the Buktage. The song is so damn catchy, the editing is simple yet well done and really let's the gameplay shine, which is also really good, although there is some filler here and there. Wouldn't place it this high though.

FatRat's M2 and Joltor's M1 are really enjoyable too. Dutchy's edit is so smooth and fun, really liked it. When it comes to FatRat's M2 though, oh man that first song is so good and I can't even understand most of it (which I should having taken like 6 years of French lol).

Phurion's final is A+, love it. I don't know which 20 montages will top it but I think it's placed fairly well.

Finally, Black Box has some amazing editing but the gameplay is so subpar that it doesn't have much replay value for me. Wouldn't place it even in top 50.

Can't wait for you to finish your list! Love reading these and looking forward to what tops it.

I can't wait for the next part to come out, but at the same time I don't want this to end. Make a Reach list too please (even though it cannot possibly top this one).
I sort of want to make one now haha. I don't know if I could sort my top 100 out though, seems like a hard thing to do tbh. Great job Neurosis!

The write-ups definitely make this list for me, so unless you have a significantly different list in mind, or feel like you have something more to add to the ones that have already been mentioned, I probably, and unfortunately won't be as interested in going through it. If this was a video list, it wouldn't have been as effective either simply because it has been done twice before not very long ago. Since it's written, it's in a fresh format that is well thought out and prepared beforehand. It really brings something new to the table. There's definitely more to be said about each and every video, so if you do end up making your own I would suggest having a script ready for your video(s), or do a write-up like this. I would still wait another year or two if I was you, since this is so fresh.

Lots of great choices in here, i was happy to see headshot shy in particular get the recognition he deserved with that video. Ima be bookmarking these threads so i have a list of dope h3 tages to watch when i have more time
This is really cool reading your impressions of montages and contrasting them with mine. So far a very respectful list, can't wait for part 2  :)
There's already been 4 parts lol. 

Great one, glad to see one of my favorite H3 montages NocturnalKernal H3M1 up their.

Love LBYL4, Agree with Fatal on Black Box the trailer had so much hype to it that the mortgage failed in my eyes and finally happy to see Jolter up their.

PS- I still remember when Muggsy was editing Cuby's tage on twitch, feels like it was just last year.

Hahaha yeah yeah numbers and such you people with your logic I prefer to live without it
haven't felt the urge to comment in any of these threads, but i just had to express how enjoyable it's been to not only read your well-thought out critiques, but to go back and watch many of them while keeping in mind some of the interesting aspects you pointed out. I know it takes up a lot of time to make these reviews of such high quality. i personally appreciate it a lot.
Yeah, it's hard to get a good mortgage on a trailer

To no ones surprise, Tizoxics is still easily going to be #1.

My predictions are incredible