Hashbrown :: H3M2 - Edited by Sucky

Not much to say really. Hashbrown's got some sick clips, and I appreciate him being easy to work with.

I'm working on one more tage this summer that I will be submitting to the movie comp. I'm working full-time right now, so it may be the very last 'big' tage I edit based on the way things are looking right now. Thanks for watching though, and I appreciate and look forward to any feedback this receives. 



Must watch tage! Excellent work from both of you!
I don't feel that giving you feedback after one watch is really gonna do you any justice. Watching you improve in terms of gameplay and overall content has been wonderful, but it seemed like at a certain point you hit your stride as an editor. I think it was before, but it really came out when you did Jumpify's montage, which I would have enjoyed if it was anyone else's gameplay. You certainly found a niche as an editor. I was thinking about it during the first song trying to find a word because I felt that artful was a little too strong, but once the second song came in I had to give in - this is artful. It's such a beautiful edit and you do so many little things that make a huge difference. Your song selection is perfect. Hashbrown's gameplay is ridiculous. I knew he had good clips, I know he's been kind of around the scene for a while, but I never knew he was this good. It's getting really crowded in the upper echelon of social montagers where it's no longer safe to call anyone's gameplay the best. I really hope I'm wrong here, but is this not going in the comp? It is absolutely insane.

Man, it means a lot to here those complements. Truly appreciate hearing stuff like that from someone I really respect (even if it's from a distance). 

As far as the comp, idk it's kinda complicated. I asked Hash if he wanted it in the comp or not, and he was totally fine with it. But my parents are really tight on money and they didnt really want me putting $5 toward something recreational like this (kinda stupid ik). Wouldn't have told them about it before, but they're always wondering why i spend so much time on the computer, and i eventually just told them what this was for. If it were up to me, I'd just pay the $5 not only for the entry, but to support the community too since I've never done that.

Hash didnt really care enough about the comp to pay the entry fee, which I thought was fine. So, I ultimately made the decision to not enter it. To be honest, I probably could just pay the $5 entry fee and my parents would get over it quickly anyways even if they found out. So I thought about doing it anyways, but then i felt odd making Deany pay the entry fee for the next tage I'm creating and not making Hash pay at all. And then potentially paying $10 to make things fair might actually make it a bigger deal with my parents. Plus I'm not even sure if i'd wanna pay the $10 for hours of unpaid time i put into projects (assuming they aren't real contenders). I know that pretty much contradicts what I said about supporting the community, but i go back and forth on it.

Hate to get so much into the details, I know people could care less about editor's personal lives. just didnt know how else to explain it.

I feel strongly about this too man, so I know what you mean. Sorry to hear that real life is squeezin ya, but that's real life and it's hitting me for the first time as well. I don't suppose you wanna take this down to re-edit the intro and everything in, but even if you wanna ask an admin if the intro is 100% necessary, that might be worth it IMO. This is a contender in my mind, and I'd happily pay $5 to see it entered.

PM me or something, seriously.

$5 is not much tbh. It's like half of what you'd probably spend on lunch going out or maybe two coffees. If you're essentially working fulltime, I don't see why your parents are concerned about you spending $5 towards something you likely put dozens of hours into. How would they even find? I don't know your exact situation so I'm not going to assume anything but that's just my two cents. I haven't watched it yet but both Neurosis and Lemon have said it is a contender so I'd definitely reconsider if I was you.

EDIT: Okay, I guess the value of $5 varies from person to person so it's sort of unfair for me to say that it's nothing to you.

Anyways, just finished watching and here my thoughts on the video. Honestly, I didn't really enjoy it mainly because of the soundtrack. It was just too slow and uneventful for me to be immersed. It's not that I don't enjoy slow songs (Legacy's final song is one of my favourites) but I just ended up being bored because of the lack of variety in pace since both songs had very similar pacing. Editing wise, the syncing was good and at least it fit the music although I didn't really like the motion blur or the large amount of desaturation either but I guess that's just nitpicky stuff. Also, I really liked the angle sequence at 4:28. Gameplay was good obviously but I find it really hard to be impressed by social (especially multi-team) gameplay at this point since this kind of stuff has just been done regularly for years. In addition, there were some questionable clips in there that I felt really should've been cut like the Onslaught BR exterm, the Last Resort exterm from the spot literally everyone has a clip on, the exterm at 3:07, the naire with like 5 shotgun kills, and a few others. On the other hand, some clips were absolutely outstanding like the 241 ricochet trocity and the last naire with the 241 jaro. 

Maybe I'm being overly critical or harsh but this montage just wasn't my cup of tea. On the whole, I don't think you did anything badly or wrong editing wise but I think you could've chosen a better soundtrack. I felt like I was watching that slow part during the second song of FatRat's M3 except it was 8 minutes long. Sure, the gameplay is good but it eventually gets really stale and boring when there is no climax.

Just read Neurosis' thoughts and it's funny to see how wildly opinions can differ on montages haha. We literally disagree on every single aspect of this montage.

Appreciate your thoughts Fatal, I respect your viewpoint for sure.

I typically listen to a lot of slower-paced songs in my spare time, and so naturally that's what I find enjoyable to edit to. It is a bit of a different style, and in some ways an easier style because you don't have to cut up the clips so much, and instead just focus on making the most out of key sync points. I tried to make things more fast-paced with  the second song to hold the viewer's attention, but still stay true to what I like to do. There's a lot of editors out there that have really perfected the fast-paced style, and I can go watch those videos anytime, But for me personally, I always wanted to edit halo to songs I like to listen to and could bring a different style of editing to. I understand it may be  a little boring for some people depending upon what you expected. 

And I'm still thinking about how I'm gonna handle the whole movie comp thing. I don't want people to think I'm saying that things are so bad that I can't even afford to pay $5 for a submission. Obviously $5 isn't a lot of money. It's more about the fact that Deany offered to pay the submission fee for his montage, and it felt unfair for me to pay the fee for Hasbrown when he didn't really care as much about the comp. It's probably not that big a deal, idk. but i also wasn't sure how much of a real contender this would be anyways, so I figured I wouldn't worry about it. And I appreciate the offer Swanky, but it's only fair for me to pay my own way in like you and everyone else did. I probably put too much thought into this over $5, so I may change my mind, but I'll just leave it at that for now.

your synching and theater work in this montage was just amazing.  Gameplay was very enjoyable to watch but I really do think that the editing made this video at least for me. 

There is no chance that i won't let this piece of beauty getting entered in the movie comp. Seriously, this video definitely has to be in. I'll pay for it.

I'll write my full review later. Im just too lazy now, haha. But you should know that i already watched it 10+ times. :)

I really enjoyed the first songs edit. It was chill, serene, synced wonderfully.
I enjoyed the fact that the angles were used sparingly and weren't over used. It really helped in enjoying the gameplay.
I didn't mind the color effects / color correction, but i felt it was a bit on the heavy side. 
I loved the transition right after the High Ground clip with two ghost snipes (which I also liked that clip quite a bit compared to the rest).

I didn't really like the second song the first time I watched it. It brought me out of the mood of the first song. It had more effects, more angles, more transitions. I was really enjoying the first that changing it bothered me. But after watching it again that exactly what it should have done. I noticed after the 5 minutes I was getting bored, wondering when it was going to end. Watching it the second and third time were much more enjoyable throughout.

Deany man, you're already covering my ass for one montage! Two would just make me a complete cheapskate lol. After doing some thinking, I realized I've made too big a deal out of paying $5. My parents will get over it (if they even find out) as long as I just stick to paying $5, so that's what I'm gonna do.

I'll just reupload another version with the logo in place, and I'll touch up the CC a bit, since I kinda agree with Fatal and Nokt about the desaturation. Actually considered reuploading it for that reason, but decided against it since I'd already left the video on public for like 20 minutes. And then I'm assuming I just put the updated version in this thread, replace the old one, pay and that's it. And I guess I'll just bump when the thread is updated.

Edit: no need to bump, tage has been updated.

Finally got time to review this in my poor english.

I can't express how happy i am to have you as my editor. There were so many stylish little things in this video. The first thing i've noticed was the well-done cc. I love how the plasma nade explosion looks like. Such a cool color. Next thing: theatre work. You definitely took some inspiration/advice from LocaL haha. Some camera movements were so sick. The overall vibe of this tage was fantastic. At my first watch i wasn't quite sure about song choice. But after the 4th/5th watch they already stuck in my head. The beginning of the second song is so fucking deep and it keeps on. And somehow both songs worked really well together. You also had some harmonious transitions. Be sure that there were so many other things i ve noticed watching this tage but i can't explain them so good, sorry. To touch on the gameplay, there were surely some stunners. My favourites were the epitah Ns tast into Ns troc into Hs Tast, the 241 ricochet  trocity and the goose launch Ns.

This definitely has a chance to be placed really high at the comp. Cant wait to see my best halo moments edited by you travis. <3

Hey, man good luck with work and school and shit. Hope things turn out okay.
Those multi naires dude. They make me happy. Really cool edit too. It was a little to flash-y and effect-y, but towards the end it fit the gameplay. Great work!