Death Machine (Comp Entry)

2 submissions in one contest... 

Edit: Insane, showed this to my brother who used to play. I have never heard someone say What?! so many times during a video. 


I didn't like the music that much this go around, but everything else was excellent.

Awesome video man!

Holy shit holy shit holy shit
Jesus fucking Christ I'm going to be locked in my office for a fucking week making reviews from the past 2 days. Watching when I get done with Hustla's!
Jesus fucking Christ I'm going to be locked in my office for a fucking week making reviews from the past 2 days. Watching when I get done with Hustla's!

I'll type as I go...

Plasma rifle block was insane.

2:12 punched him in the dick

2:24 was just humiliating

I bet that headlong game was 100+ kills


Some seriously absurd gameplay in here, holy! I tried going for that huge midship launch a bunch of times but never succeeded so well done on that!

Best halo montage ever. no bullshit. 

and it had more of a frag-vid feel to it as opposed to a halo montage which i found amazing. Music and pacing were perfect. 

how many top tier videos do you plan on puttin out you freak. that was isck. 

So you are a robot....


Honestly it always takes me at least two watches to appreciate everything you do in a montage. I guess its because my usual thought process is "oh here comes hyena with some more top tier shenanigans" so I watch it and its exactly as I thought. Then after a watch or two I start to really appreciate just how ridiculous those clips are. 

Download link plz

I've seen hundreds of tages but this and Mastery are the only ones I've ever felt compelled to download

All of these videos are blowing my goddamn mind.  Unbelievable creativity. 
With most of your big montages, like Mastery or BFtN II or Wizard or Supreme Demonstration, the mood and soundtrack always feel so serious and significant, so it's kind of a departure to hear something so upbeat going alongside your gameplay. I don't know if it will "work" for a lot of people, but man is it a different feel and it just kind of adds to my feeling that you do incredible things so casually and consistently that it's just like "oh, huh, yeah I guess I just completely re-invented people's understanding of what's possible in this game. it happens, I guess." I don't even need to comment on the gameplay because everyone knows every single time you release something, the gameplay is untouchable and unique. I can tell when you are about to hit an absolutely insane snipe and I can completely prepare myself for it and I have a good guess as to what it's going to look like, and my jaw will still hit the floor when I see it. There is no player that more people want to play like in this game than you and it's for a good reason.
Never dissapoints.
You're absolutely fucking unbelievable. Overall, my favourite video of yours is still Supreme Demonstration and I wasn't a fan of the music or editing in this. The clips though, fucking hell I can't comprehend how you do this shit.
Good lord...have to watch a few more times to fully understand what I just saw. 

i just saw an ascension plasma launch kill into a crazy lightning snipe overkill... that completely blew me away! and I'm not the best on standards, but i'm guessing that wasnt even that crazy of a clip in comparison to the rest of your mind-blowing gameplay. I feel like this video captured more of the h2 mastery than wizard did gameplay-wise. It got to a point where i had to rewatch clips 5 or 6 times to realize how game-breaking, unique, and amazing they were.

I liked the soundtrack, although it wasn't my favorite from you. But I think it was time for a change of sorts as far as your typical music choice, and so in that regard, it was perfect. Love the clip you ended on. Great work as usual, i would never expect any less from you lol

Thanks for the feedback massively appreciate it! Will sort out a download at some point today!
Never stop playing Halo, Hyena

hyena beats hyena

the world implodes laugh


Seriously, you can do that?

What's the throbbing heist music? Dug it!
You out do yourself with every montage you come out with. Incredible job!

You already know how much I love this video,

Funnily enough I thought the spawn stick scream audio sounded like early MK Liu Kang bicycle kick audio

Did whoever posts video to the front page die this week or something? So many videos are going to get skipped over now.
It's a fucking Hyena video lol. This one getting skipped over should be the very least of your concerns.
Amazing video senpai halo 2 back at it again god tier upload
There's more than just this entry :rollsyes: I just posted that here since it's one of the more popular entries.

F R A M E  P E R F E C T  S N I P E S

what's with the Pi soundtrack bruh, don't drill a hole in your head soon to let the sick demon that resides in there out

fucker makes some good ass H2 montages

this boy actually gunna have 2 finalist videos lmao
btw i lost my old account from 2012 so i thought id make a new one cus shits hella confusing idc