THF MC 2014 Final Voting Round Discussion

Can't decide between Immortal III and FatRat.


Don't get me wrong, ROOTS is amazing, and I loved every second of it, but sk0ls and Fatty just hits me stronger on the subjective side of things. More enjoyable, more rewatchability for me personally. Will have to sleep on it, re-watch with some coffee tomorrow and then vote.

Glad Toasty made it, Diesel could've taken his place. Love the fact that the variation stuck through all up to the finals. Proud of ya'll, and thanks to ya'll.

Went with Sk0ls. Me personally I enjoy a classic H2 montage. Good Luck!

After watching all the montages and writing these little thought sentences on each, I have no idea which was my favourite haha. 



FatRat M3:

Soundtrack was my favourite in maybe the whole contest. Gameplay was obviously really good but just not what I tend to prefer in Halo 3 videos. Edit was real nice. 


Into the tranQ:

Intro was unreal.  Gameplay was unreal. Edit was nice and clean. I did not like any of the songs whatsoever and it just felt like a generic Halo 3 MLG montage (with really really good gameplay). Had the songs been something more like FatRat's, this would be one of my favourite tages ever.


Immortal Part 3:

Basically a perfect montage.


Toasty RM1:

Really liked the first song. Editing was amazing throughout but I just wasn't feeling the 2nd and 3rd songs (musically) so that took me out of it a bit.



Had no expectations going into this as it is my least played Halo game and I've honestly maybe seen one other Halo 1 montage ever. Really liked it.  What is the name of the song? I feel like its from an old NHL video game or something, was bringing me back lol.

Sucks Delightful didnt go through.

Sucks Delightful didnt go through.

was literally about to post that I was thinking on who to vote for and started watching Delightful, lol.

Also watched Game Over and the Wake Up yesterday. It's like I'm trying to distract myself from the decision by watching vids I dont need to compare anymore.

Immortal Part 3 for me. Good luck peeps.
ayo what about my super amazing montage? :(((((
Plus FatRat used Sigur Ros so...

alright. finally got internet set up in my new house. 

i went with fatrat m3 for a myriad of reasons. the biggest reason being that it stuck with me the longest. roots did too, of course, but fatrat's gameplay just absolutely blew me away. definitely have to give him props for his edit to. an instant classic halo video. will not be mad at all if roots wins this, though.

I say we shut this down and give the title to Hyena.
Good luck everybody!
Tranq gets my vote. Awesome intro, awesome gameplay and a very awesome guy who keeps entertaining me during his livestreams.

ROOTS has my heart, Toasty makes me move and into the tranQ has my respect.

I'm not sure why i3 doesnt resonate as much as I expected it to, as a h2 player through and through. Then again we are at a very high level of videos now so its not weird that I dont see it as best. The editing in FR 3 wasn't there for me, Ive given my reasons on that before. This is a package deal, best video.

I feel like I'll vote Roots cuz it did what Hyena's new vid did for me, made me want to watch it all fucking day. I'll give it some more thought. 


It's been a long Comp, 117 videos damn. Glad we did it, all inclusive free to enter style. Next time tho, perhaps a bit of a selection process before voting or some kind of cap, was a shitton of work setting it all up. 

went with immortal 3.

Just wanted to let you know what an excellent job all of the organizers have done. Truthfully, I don't think I'd have the patience to go through with all of what you have. Thank you.

My vote goes to Immortal Part 3. It just about wholly encompasses what I look for in a montage; excellent gameplay, great audio, and editing to take it from one scene to the next. I feel sk0ls shares the exact same sentiments I do when it comes to critiquing videos. Truthfully, I wish he didn't use this song and somehow I managed to find it before him and edit something to it -- to me, it's that good. His gameplay steals the show and his editing perfectly accompanies the mood/flow. I hope those who might not agree with sk0ls on the forums is able to look past any childish issues that they've shared with one another; I would hate to see him lose votes over such petty shit when he's produced what is -- in my opinion -- one of the best montages in recent memory (and one of my favorite Halo 2 videos ever).

Then again, this is the finals. Those who've made it this far are here for a reason (because Hyena didn't enter(lol)).

Aside from my vote, I will not be surprised by whoever wins this. Again, everyone here deserves to be here, and most others deserve to be here over me. Thanks for your guys' support, and thanks for hosting what has been my personal favorite montage competition that's ever taken place.

I3 FTW! Good luck to Toasty, Fatty, and TranQ! You guys have produced phenomenal content for games that I don't like -- and I still loved it. Kudos.

Super tough decision, decided on FatRat.
I voted for Tranq.


Just watched Fatrat's video for the first time...  Sigur Ros in a social montage, LOOOOOL.
Sigur Ros confirmed for epic music! Wow dude, walking dead for television.

(Sigur Ros for music
The Walking Dead for television
Fatrat for montage)
When does this poll close? I can't decide still.

When does this poll close? I can't decide still.

The results of this poll will be available after Saturday, February 7, 2015 - 00:00

Thanks babe.

For me it was FatRat and it wasn't even really close, to be honest. That video was just so inspired from start to finish. I just get the best feeling from watching it. The editing was exactly what I look for in a video with great gameplay. Just accentuated it the whole way through. Also thought this tage had one of the best soundtracks in the entire competition - the music was just awesome imo. I'm surprised I'm voting for a montage with so much H3 multiteam - normally I'm a stickler about that kind of gameplay - but even that part of the montage really impressed me.

i3 was tied for my runner up. It was really good, but the music didn't really do anything for me, so I felt it was fairly one-dimensional. Gameplay was so sick and interesting, though. The two nade jump into triple kill clips still get me every time. Definitely deserved to make the top 5. Wish the video was longer.

Toasty was there as well. Great video. I've rewatched it a lot of times and it doesn't get old for me, which is rare these days. As great as the gameplay was, I just didn't feel like it was amazing enough to take the competition. Maybe because I've watched Terminus too many times. Maybe because it didn't break the Reach mold enough. I know if Toasty had played the game longer that it would have been absolutely top tier. He's too good. Zhestal's edit was great as always.  Very glad to see this make the top 5.

ROOTS was the only other video in this top 5 that really felt to me like it was worthy of wearing the crown in this competition. I just don't have the context to appreciate the gameplay fully. I was thoroughly entertained the whole way, though. Was great to see something "new" (ha) and different. Definitely had that epic montage feel.

SillyGoose really brought it for tranQ's video, I thought, but outside of the intro I felt like there was nothing really unique about the video relative to allllllll the other H3 MLG tages that have come out. Just above average gameplay and great flow in the edit. For that reason, I would probably put it at the bottom of the top 5. Very enjoyable video, though, I honestly enjoyed it a ton.


Those are my quick and dirty opinions on these videos. Some of the opinions are contradictory, I know, but sometimes it's hard to really put into words the feeling that you get from watching montages, especially when you're trying to compare such fantastic videos to one another. Overall a very worthy top 5. Congrats to everyone that was a part of these videos. Awesome stuff, awesome competition. Was great to be a part of it, as well :)

Just wanted to inform everybody that this is still largely out of pocket from 2 guys, if you wanna help out:

We don't have a sponsor like Z used to, this is all out of pocket. And with this competition having no entry fee, any donations, cash or XBL 1 months etc. are much appreciated to help reward people's hard work. We have a central paypal account, anything else please contact Klima and ohem via PM.


Also that's not a bad question Stobs, I've never used these polls before using dated timing. I dont know if they work of my timezone as everything else does (I made the poll), I'll make the poll go longer and custom shut it down. My intention was Saturday night midnight PST, if there's still anybody out there having account trouble that didnt get it sorted cuz they were busy with work they'll have another weekend day to get if fixed up.

Just wanted to let you know what an excellent job all of the organizers have done. Truthfully, I don't think I'd have the patience to go through with all of what you have. Thank you.

Thanks for your guys' support, and thanks for hosting what has been my personal favorite montage competition that's ever taken place.

just read this, made my afternoon

I tried to vote but it said there was an error. Is the poll closed or..?

EDIT: Okay weird, it worked right after I made this post.

It only worked for me once I got to the first page and tried to vote.