[Voting Closed] THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 1: Pool A

Choose up to 4 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Montage 7 | Editor: HAble | Gameplay: HAble
64% (47 votes)
SECRET AIRGENTS (Halo 5 Launching Montage) | Editor: h0lmb0m | Gameplay: h0lmb0m
62% (46 votes)
Rhymes with Orange | Editor: Fud | Gameplay: Scace
46% (34 votes)
Halo 3 Montage 5 | Editor: Adversary | Gameplay: Adversary
43% (32 votes)
TIME CAPSULE | Editor: a live dinosaur | Gameplay: a live dinosaur
42% (31 votes)
Blittz Blainz | Editor: Inxy | Gameplay: Blittz Blains
26% (19 votes)
Montage 10 | Editor: Lat3ksi | Gameplay: Lat3ksi
23% (17 votes)
So Fast, So Maybe | Editor: BxSouljah | Gameplay: XYOX
18% (13 votes)
Str8 Rottin' | Editor: Eamonn | Gameplay: Distilled, Eamonn, Silvershot
8% (6 votes)
Halo 5 Montage 1 | Editor: Bunnies | Gameplay: Bunnies
7% (5 votes)
Total votes: 74

I have been watching montages for 10 years? I did watch all of the entries? I probably watched more than you did because I bet you can't even get yourself to watch a H4/H5 entry lmao. 

"many of them are making it out of pools over much higher quality videos."

Yeah, because they're also high quality videos. Once again, you like Blackout's edits. Your opinion holds no weight so stop pretending like you're the best judge of this competition and fuck off with your whining and crying at the end of every pool's voting.

I agree that the seeding was really weird in terms of the pools with some being heavier in quality videos than others, though quality is obviously subjective. That being said, if a video wasn't going to win one of the top four spots in it's bracket, it wasn't going to win the tournament or place in the tournament anyway so I don't know what the big deal is. 

Also, how is bxsouljah allowed to be a judge. iirc most of the videos that were posted, he commented on them listing everything that was bad about them and then ended it with "good luck in the tourney thanks for the entry". Dude is not impartial and is as cancerous as you can get for a judge, whining incessantly about every pool because his favourite videos didn't move on. Isn't this the same dude that complained about someone's montage not featuring enough clips on "known names" that also commented on my top 100 list saying he hadn't seen a lot of the entries? Not to mention acting condescending and pompous despite having never accomplished anything notable in the community.

Props to the other judges for actually behaving in a reasonable manner and Nv1 for taking heat that was going to be directed at him no matter how this tourney played out.
Wait, this guy is actually a judge lmao? Jfc...