[Voting Closed] THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 1: Pool E

Choose up to 4 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena
88% (44 votes)
Phantoms | Editor: gamechallenged | Gameplay: Tarzan, Chico
48% (24 votes)
Turbo Killer | Editor: RT | Gameplay: Nokt
46% (23 votes)
Halo 3 Quadtage | Editor: DoubleAA | Gameplay: Kampy, Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii
44% (22 votes)
​Gravity | Editor: Proty | Gameplay: StoRmY v2
42% (21 votes)
Skullcrack | Editor: Lat3ksi | Gameplay: Lat3ksi
30% (15 votes)
THEY SHOOT BACK | Editor: BiGBaLL3s | Gamepaly: BiGBaLL3s
22% (11 votes)
Halo 2 M1 | Editor: Katalyst | Gameplay: Katalyst
16% (8 votes)
Halo 5 Montage | Editor: thehashaq | Gameplay: thehashaq
2% (1 vote)
Exile 5 | Editor: Zed | Gameplay: Bald, Deano, Momentum, Zerk
2% (1 vote)
Risky | Editor: RT | Gameplay: RT
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 50

Round 1: Pool E

Vote for up to 4 choices, the top 4 advance to Round 2. Ties will be determined by the judges overall rating. Voting results will remain hidden until the poll closes on October 22nd. You may cancel and change your vote at any time.

REMEMBER: Voting closes October 22nd!

Pool E

Montage Editor Gameplay
Risky RT RT
Turbo Killer RT Nokt
Halo 5 Montage thehashaq thehashaq
Skullcrack Lat3ksi Lat3ksi
Death Machine Hyena Hyena
Exile 5 Zed Bald, Deano, Momentum, Zerk
Phantoms gamechallenged Tarzan, Chico
Halo 2 M1 Katalyst Katalyst
Halo 3 Quadtage DoubleAA Kampy, Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii
Gravity Proty StoRmY v2


Risky | Editor: RT | Gameplay: RT



Turbo Killer | Editor: RT | Gameplay: Nokt



Halo 5 Montage | Editor: thehashaq | Gameplay: thehashaq



Skullcrack | Editor: Lat3ksi | Gameplay: Lat3ksi



Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena



THEY SHOOT BACK | Editor: BiGBaLL3s | Gamepaly: BiGBaLL3s



Exile 5 | Editor: Zed | Gameplay: Bald, Deano, Momentum, Zerk



Phantoms | Editor: gamechallenged | Gameplay: Tarzan, Chico



Halo 2 M1 | Editor: Katalyst | Gameplay: Katalyst



Halo 3 Quadtage | Editor: DoubleAA | Gameplay: Kampy, Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii


​Gravity | Editor: Proty | Gameplay: StoRmY v2


Gravity - Reminded me of seeing a Toxic Euphoria tage again for the first time... just blew my mind.

Phantoms - Took me a few rewatches to appreciate how many great clips are packed into this seemingly social 'funtage'.

Death Machine - Loved the intro and the gameplay was obviously unique and top level so it gets my round 1 vote, but it didn't quite grip me like some of Hyena's other videos for some reason.

Exile 5 - Halo 5 rarely gets me excited, but this tage had a cool energy to it and had good clips to back it up.

Turbo killer and Death machine were my first two votes. I think turbo killer was one of the coolest edits production wise and nokt held up his end of the bargain with the gameplay.

Gravity because of the gameplay. I hope people see this montage for the gameplay because it's definitely on another level than anyone else halo 2 wise (excluding beau). 

Fourth vote went to phantoms, mostly because of GC's edit. gameplay was good but it didn't have those 2-3 absolutely must see insane clips that usually define a big video. 

This pool is extremely over stacked.  Silly judges.  
Death Machine, Turbokiller, Phantoms

Turbokiller had a great editing and the music fit so good on it.
Turbo Killer and Death Machine is all I voted for now. I have to revisit like 6 videos before I can decide my other two picks.

Originally I thought Pool A was the toughest for me to pick, but I think this one takes that crown now. Almost considered not voting because I think it's very hard for me to evaluate Lat3ski's entries when I have a difficult time understanding the caliber of plays being made in comparison to other entries. This is almost solely from lack of halo custom edition experience which is a huge disadvantage for him unfortunately when it really shouldn't be from an objective standpoint. I've watched both of his entries now, and it's hard to judge either of them against something like Gravity for instance, which I am certain had some great gameplay and enjoyable editing. While I can certainly enjoy the plays being made in Lat3ski's videos, there's no other comparable halo custom ed. videos that I can judge the gameplay off of (to my knowledge anyways). The man is in a category of his own. 

Personally the way I see it, I think Skullcrack is better than his Montage 10 (only because I loved the presentation of Skullcrack), but Skullcrack got the tougher draw. And Montage 10 I felt like got the easier pool, but was criminally underrated, and probably should have made it through. Again, tough to rate.  

Skullcrack >
Death Machine is basically a bi, gravity, gc, and skullcrack. Katalyst was a close 5th

Decided on going with Phantoms and Katalyst M1 for my last 2 picks, had no idea that the music in Katalyst M1 was original, that's so freaking sweet, combined with unique af gameplay. Gotta say I loved every one of those ninjas, not something you see too much in H2. As for Phantoms, I underestimated it from the first time I watched. Cross map spike nade triple, are you kidding me? Not to mention MLG trocity or any number of other clips.

I dunno, Skullcrack just doesn't do it for me. I know I'm in the minority here but I don't love the actual GP being presented, though it's awesome to see all the different variants and custom maps and all that. I guess there's so much variety that it feels like a cross game montage rather than one game, and as a non-customedition player I find myself distracted by all the differences from regular CE/H2/H3

What time zone is the voting on? Think I just missed the deadline lol

sooooo cloooooose,  thx everyone for the votes!

The election is rigged. People tell me this, you know this, everyone sees it Kappa... but seriously Stormy's tage was dope. Sorry it didn't go through. 2nd through 5th place were so close in votes too! 
V dissapointed skullcrack didnt go through

I did not expect this turnout at all. Surprised the quadtage made it and Gravity & Skullcrack didn't.

Extremely grateful to those who voted for Turbo Killer though. Extremely close votes between 2-5.

*Phew* that was a rough round, thanks to everyone who voted for Phantoms.
Wow, popularity wins again.  Sorry Proty, Stormy, and Lat3ksi.  I don't know what else you have to do other than to continue to make content better than your competition.  Fucking stupid.  

Really don't understand how Gravity didn't make it...

I guess I just don't really see what all the surprise is about. The 5 videos after Death Machine objectively I thought were all really close, and the results showed that. 

I think for about 3 of the pools, it feels like 5 should have moved on to the second round. Pool A should have only had 3 move on in my opinion (Adversary, Orange, and maybe Secret Airgents). Seems like the weakest pool by far in the top half, although there was a lot of depth at the bottom half strangely enough. Gravity would have surely gotten through in that pool i think.

I think most people didn't realize how good some of the people he clipped were, which naturally boosts the clipcaliber a lot. tbh, since I'm really only active in the H2V community, I didn't either until stormy told me who they were. My edit isn't exactly top of the bracket either. But the fact that you guys react like this really makes up for it, I'm sure Stormy agrees.
Very surprised Stormy's vid didn't make it through. I honestly thought it was the best video in the pool.