[Voting Closed] THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 2: Pool F

Choose up to 3 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch
85% (46 votes)
Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK
81% (44 votes)
SECRET AIRGENTS (Halo 5 Launching Montage) | Editor: h0lmb0m | Gameplay: h0lmb0m
37% (20 votes)
Montage 7 | Editor: HAble | Gameplay: HAble
33% (18 votes)
Halo 3 Quadtage | Editor: DoubleAA | Gameplay: Kampy, Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii
28% (15 votes)
Total votes: 54

Round 2: Pool F

Vote for up to 3 choices, the top 3 advance to Round 3. Ties will be determined by the judges overall rating. Voting results will remain hidden until the poll closes on November 4th. You may cancel and change your vote at any time.

REMEMBER: Voting closes November 4th!

Pool F

Montage Editor Gameplay
Halo 3 Quadtage DoubleAA Kampy, Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii
Montage 7 HAble HAble
Halo 3 Montage 1 Fatal JoeyClutch
SECRET AIRGENTS (Halo 5 Launching Montage)  h0lmb0m h0lmb0m
Combat Evolved B SiK B SiK


Halo 3 Quadtage | Editor: DoubleAA | Gameplay: Kampy, Dutchy, FatRat, Ishii



Montage 7 | Editor: HAble | Gameplay: HAble



Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch



SECRET AIRGENTS (Halo 5 Launching Montage) | Editor: h0lmb0m | Gameplay: h0lmb0m



Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK


Definitely Combat Evolved and Joey's M1.

Out of the other three, Secret Airgents just about takes it for me.

JoeyClutch & B SiK for me.


Real struggle for me will be when B Sik matches Beau...

joey clutch and bsik ez votes. 

third vote went to hable, mostly because of the spawn stick snipe triple to tac tbh. rest of the video was 6/10.

B SiK & Joey ez contenders for the finals.
Joey Clutch and B Sik hands down, but that third is gonna be really tough...
Third vote for me was Secret Airgents. I absolutely love this tage, such a fun watch.
Joey, B, Homblomomomom

Bsik: EASY first vote

hable: no gun audio, and the only audio we are stuck with is a bonus track off MMLP2. So not the best start lol, sry im just trollin beautiful pain is alright. I appreciate what the intro was going for but it kinda came off corny/slide show'y which i didn't like to much, but it was new and i appreciate new. Gameplay was realllyyy good.

secret airgents: twitch streamer monetize ytber music lol, so not a good start again (this time i aint trollin lol). Cool concept, liked the story/documentary feel. Was exciting to watch you play with these new physics and shit h5 has to offer. Cross map flag cap was awesome, enjoyed.

then we got joeyclutch and quadtage. Both on that inspirational rock ish, which i don't usually enjoy an entire montage to be that sorta music. Becomes numbing, it's all inspiring and shit but it's hard to remember or tell the videos apart because this entire genre sounds the exact same (fuck im a cynical cunt tn, i'm sorry these videos are all good im just being an overcritical cnt cus it's the movie comp). My fav vid of this style was that untitled h3 dual by Tranq and FatRat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHa9pEzMDnw, it was just so tastefully done, after watching that video i turned to the nearest girl and kissed her so damn passionately. Unfortunately it was my grandma, but fortunately she has dementia and she aint remember shit. She still thinks Steve Jobs hasn't released the ipod mini, but that man did....and that boi dead af.  


Joeyclutch, amazing gameplay and some of the smoothest looking editing ive seen in a while. And yo i like that credit font looked dope. Havent seen mlg gp that good in timeeeee. Beliebe it or not, despite my criticism I did really liked that 2nd song, it was great. You're an asshole if u didnt feel some emotion.

okay quadtage. ive liked double AA's more recent shit better, and knowing this line up of social gods these are leftovers okaaaay, buuutttttt both quadtage and joeyclutch get a vote with bsik. Joey Clutch was an easy 2nd, and quadtage cemented a 3rd place from me. 


1. HAble - Montage 7

2. B SIK - Combat Evolved

3. JoeyClutch - Halo 3 Montage 1  

I'll just say that if N00bSlayer ever gets into standup comedy ima get flights to wherever he lives.

didnt see the quadtage up there, sorry joey id give you my vote on gameplay

broken heart

I went with BSik, Joey and Holmbom... still the only H5 montage that actually made me consider buying the game.
Bsik, J/C, Hable
Secret Airgents is a close 4th as well. Love the documentary style and the launch clip theme.

bsik,jc,holm tho i did have to think about maybe giving my third to hable , wasnt easy

glad i dont have to think about final round yet 

Damn, knew it'd be close for 3rd...

gg wp hable

congrats to those who advanced.

I'm honestly really surprised BSiK and I didn't draw in the last two pools. I don't understand why someone wouldn't vote for his entry lol.
I'm suprised Inxy's edit didn't make it. Hands down the most creative and best flowing montage of the decade, and don't get me started on the song choice. 11/10.

Pretty clear top 3 imo.

I bet the results go 

1. Hyena

2. Joey

3. B Sik

Any other videos in the top three would be wrong