THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 4: Semifinals

Choose up to 3 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK
64% (42 votes)
Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch
52% (34 votes)
Wizard | Editor: Halzred | Gameplay: Hyena
50% (33 votes)
Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena
38% (25 votes)
A Halo 3 MLG Montage | Editor: Evadur | Gameplay: Evadur
33% (22 votes)
Phase II | Editor: Piano Frenzy | Gameplay: Piano Frenzy
15% (10 votes)
Total votes: 66
Amazed by the quality of submissions, both gameplay and editing wise, in this contest. Didn't think the movie comp would reach this level in 2016. 

ya that's very true there danny, if dlongos m1 was entered it would be here in the semi finals.  Nvm to what i said, but yea hyena is sittin on a thrown for the last 2 years

Forgot to mention length. Longer videos always seem to leave a bigger impact, and they have a better chance of winning. If Joey's was longer I think it would have a better shot right now, but only if there was more gameplay of the same caliber that he already had. Just filling the time with fillers won't work. I definitely agree that Dlongo would be here if he was in the competition, ITS GOT THE FORMULA. ITS GOT THE FORMULA. But Mastery would have beat everyone if Hyena entered it last time too, so TAKE THAT! He's broken.


Really happy with the results of this contest, these 6 were the best this year and are all good enough that I could see someone giving any one a vote. Even some of the tages that didn't make this round were extremely good in my opinion.  Good shit guys!


For the first time in this entire contest, it's actually a difficult choice.


I'm still angry Take That isn't here..
Ended up going B Sik, Joey Clutch, and Death Machine
Didn't expect B Sik to be that far ahead wow! Great stuff, look forward to the final :)


Grats to all :)

This is right, everything is right now. Wizard > Death Machine, regardless of gameplay. Good voting people.

Didn't expect B Sik to be that far ahead wow! Great stuff, look forward to the final :)

If history is any indicator, take the semi's voting with a grain of salt. Things could change big time now that the bottom three of this group are out.

Congrats to @B ‍, @Joey Clutch ‍ ‍ /‍ @Fatal ‍ , @Hyena ‍ / @HALZRED ‍ on reaching the finals.

Wow, holy shit I did not expect to beat Hyena. Looks like BSiK might be taking the contest haha. Thanks to everyone for the support! I never thought I'd be in the finals of a THF contest when I first started making videos, pretty happy rn :)
Congrats to the finalists!
I can't really speak on H1 videos, so I'll save my comments on those, but I'm happy to see PFrenzy make it this far because dude always has entertaining content.

Not surprised to see JoeyClutch's beat Evadur's, but surprised by the difference in votes. It's kind of weird because if you think about all the things I like in a montage, Joey's should be far better but I really love the second song in Evadur's montage and it sticks with me the most, even though the song itself is fucking terrible. Why do people listen to Bring Me the Horizon? They've been compared to death and I don't know why because I consider them basically equal and that's saying a lot because Evadur's spinning celebration on Guardian is easily the best part of any montage in this comp.

Also happy to see Wizard move on instead of Death Machine. Usually I'd agree with people when they say they prefer seeing Hyena snipe like... well, Hyena, but it's almost become believable he's got so many clips like that so to see him coming out with so many montages filled with unique clips is great and Halzred's editing makes it no question.

Congrats to all participants that made it this far, though. Great to see two videos from each of the first 3 Halos still alive in the comp and one from each moving to the finals.
Pretty cool to see a H1, H2 and H3 video be the final 3.

I feel like digging up the X1 and play some

Sorry I kinda fanboyed when I read this, dont mind me lol

Thank you, everyone, for the overwhelming support. Congratulations to Fatal, JoeyClutch, Halz & Hyena especially. 

I still have people interacting with this video daily which far exceeded my expectations as far as engagement is concerned.  I can only hope that people continue trying to one-up themselves and release classic Halo content.

If we can't revive the series, at least we can archive it. Here's to the finals.

This is the first time I've made top 3, ha! 

Top 5 two or three times I think? Thanks everybody! Good to see the # 1 spot belonging to the best entry.

That's the best list of top 3.
DM>Wizard and this would be my top 3. Although in the areas that weren't gameplay I think Wizard was a little stronger, and I think people on this site really appreciated that enough to want it in over DM. Oh well, congrats to everyone in the finals and thank you again Pianofrenzy and Evadur for giving us two amazing montages!

How i feel watching some montages where the climax just doesn't work for me. They come so close a lot of the time! Whether the clips just aren't good enough (usually not the case), or (most likely) the music is off and the editing just doesn't do the climax, of a good montage up to that point, justice.

Us viewers are the guy at 3:57 telling the montage makers that we're clearly standing in line, WE'VE BEEN STANDING IN LINE, that we've been waiting eagerly for these top montages for a long time now. The editors are the the guy handing out the sandwiches, the sandwich is their montage, yelling CAN YOU GUYS BACK UP, BACK UP  when they hear our critiques coming through.

In all seriousness, you've made it very far if you are in this thread. I took a look at the top three last night after a few drinks, so i need to watch them again. I'm too late to vote on this one, but I'll definitely be voting for the final.

I'll edit this text here once I've given the top three a good look this weekend when i have a bit of free time. Maybe I'll do a few paragraph long critique like I've done before.

Danny lets conduct some quantitative research or someshit we on to something!
that shit went out of the comp way too early 

Love that its H1, H2 and H3 in the finals. IMO i think WIZARD is better then death machine, so happy about that. B sik's video has nasty gameplay and even though i didn't vote for it, it still is an amazing video. Congrats to everyone else.

Nice job Fatal and Joey ill be voting for ya. Good luck.