THF Movie Competition 2016 - Announcement

Discuss the Announcement of the THF Montage Contest 2016

See the article with all details HERE

Pumped to see what comes out of this! Good job team! It's been a long road already :)
Great, the 2014 one made me come back to checking out Halo videos after not having watched nearly any for like 2 years and the submissions were amazing. I'm glad all Halo's are allowed for submission, I'm excited to see the entries!
Damn, this is a big fucking deal. We should share this around the community to make it as big as possible. I'll certainly be saving up clips and making an entry...
so pumped for this :D
Lets begin
i may kill my self if any halo 5 gameplay is in the top 3
Seems I can't enter my tage, that's a shame. Either way this is exciting. I hope everyone with the means to shares this with the rest of the community does so

If anybody has any questions feel free to send me a message!

Great news! Pat on the back to everyone involved in making this happen, and hopefully keeping THF alive and active.

1. Article didn't specify, but are multiple entries allowed?

2. Any idea when HALZRED will be done with the intro?

3. Is this open immediately? Article said to wait a week until the "THFMC2016" option is added.

Super excited once again.

1. Multiple entries are allowed it will just be $5 per entry, which is to be donated through the donation system on this site. We will put up a separate donate option specifically for this purpose that will go live next week. Any extra donations to help aid to the prize pool are much appreciated.

2. Hopefully soon. I don't have a specific time when we will be done. I asked if he could finish it up today (we have an unfinished version) so hopeuflly soon.

3. I would wait a week before submitting anything. 

SICK! i don't really have any plans for any big videos before August but i could definitely throw a little something something together in aid of this, if anything i just appreciate the fact that it gives videos more attention.
yay, very excited for this!




H  Y  P  E  D

#1 Wizard

#2/3 Mints M3/Apple's M/ VenomZ' snipetage

Can't wait to show off my clips.

H  Y  P  E  D

#1 Wizard

#2/3 Mints M3/Apple's M/ VenomZ' snipetage

Good guesses, i'd probably have to agree with hyena for no.1 and venomz for no.2. Maybe marksman for no.1 if he releases his final but i doubt he will

Wow, awesome. Excited to see what happens!

Edit: My spring break is in 2 weeks... i also graduate in 3 months :O

yeeee bois, lets do this 
really glad to be a part of a THF Movie Comp for the first time. can't wait to see what everyone has in store. 
Glad it's appreciated this much. Good luck everyone, time to rocknroll.
Looking forward to this, great job team!

i may kill my self if any halo 5 gameplay is in the top 3

What in the literal fuck? God dam cancer post.

Anyways I would be so down to do a huge project if every single games theater system was complete ass. I have a hard enough time doing that with small projects.

Excited for this though, thanks for putting it on!

Wait, so can we submit montages that were released in 2015 or not?
No, releases that have the right requirements from moment of announcement to deadline can enter.

i better see marksman's or ishii's final in this.

please, dear god marksman, get it done

Go play NHL kid
OMG, so much yesssss. Maybe this the time for me. Can't wait for all the cool montages.