Best K/D by 8/1

I'm going to simplify my previous contest and start a new one with just one category.  This is for those who like to get sweaty.


Rules : 

  • Create a smurf account 
  • Post a screenshot of your new account proving you're starting at 0 kills 0 deaths (Example in 1st post)
  • You can play any MCC playlist you desire (Custom games will not count toward your Multiplayer K/D)
  • There is a minimum of 300 kills reached on your smurf account
  • Post a screenshot on 8/1 with your final kill/death report

There is no prize for this contest - only the glory of having the best strats for getting a ridiculous K/D on MCC.


GL all.

Gamertag is "Saving My KD"

nice thread