North Korean Defense Minister Executed.

"North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has had his defence minister executed with anti-aircraft fire for insubordination and dozing off during formal military rallies, South Korean intelligence said Wednesday, hinting at possible instability in the Pyongyang leadership.

If confirmed, it marks another demonstration of Kim's ruthlessness in dealing with even the most senior officials suspected of disloyalty, following the execution of his uncle and one-time political mentor Jang Song-Thaek in 2013.

It also points to possible power struggles within the top leadership, following Kim Jong-Un's decision to cancel a scheduled visit to Moscow last week in order to deal with "internal issues"."

"executed with anti-aircraft fire"

well... fuck.

"Such a violent method of execution has been cited in various unconfirmed reports as being reserved for senior officials who the leadership wishes to make examples of.

Last month, the US-based Committee for Human Rights in Korea published an October-dated satellite image of the same academy that analysts said showed a shooting range with anti-aircraft guns lined up in what appeared to be preparation for an execution."


North Korea sounds like a pretty nice place, huh?


Full article here.

My apologies to the supreme leader. plz dnt execoot me 2

North Korea is a scary place and I feel terrible for the souls that have to live there.
I'm so curious how the whole NK situation is gonna turn out.

It's all coming down.

....and here I thought Mortal Kombat was the most graffic with executions....yikes