What are you currently listening to?

patiently waiting for kiko mia & trendkill


lol i'm here. gotta love that Giles Corey song, fav from the album 


love the hell out of this album



Can't believe I've never actually listened to more Aphex Twin. The only song of his I had ever heard before was Windowlicker and I didn't like it at all.

this one puts me in a trance:


wus good

a buddy of mine is editing a music video for these kids. they are pretty dope


Yooooo porcupine tree are my favorite! Good choice man

kind of old but this is just too cold

check this out if ur bored, some of my beats


 fav version of this track:

 fav version of this track:


fucking love Swans. The Seer was an amazing album.


These guys always reminded me of Foxygen. Love 'em.


Don't know if you guys are Shins fans, but this is essentially the Shins before they were the Shins. They just reissued this album.


:D yuppp love the seer, one of the best bands of all time IMO. Soundtracks for the Blind and Filth are two of my GOATS. TBK was also amazing. 


Right now, my favorite band to study to:



shoutout to awesteez


I'm currently listening to something called mute. I don't know why but it never works!!!

Did you see this?  http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/musicnews/s4172558.htm

would be pretty amazing.