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Hi I'm new here, I generally don't make introduction threads but for an unknown reason I'm feeling terribly shy today. I'm A because ... well ... no real reason, it is the first letter that came to my mind. How's everyone?
hello there, friend. nice username. :p
Hi folksy, I'm like a baby here. You are 10 years old, are you as sexy as your avatar?
no, you should already know i'm sexier bb.

Hi, A.

Welcome! Have you been here before?

I haven't been here before, folksy invited me yesterday to join the forum.
omg so, like, where'd you meet?
I forgot to login here again. We met on another forum but now we talk on IRC most of the time.
Are you requesting a name change?
@BxSouljah since when are u a mod lol
IRC ftw.

@BxSouljah since when are u a mod lol

After the site died.