Depersonalization: Have you experienced this?

hrr i'm such a big fucking baby i smoked pcp once by accident with my retarded friend and eventually wound up enlisting in the army in order to make myself feel normal again and regain control of my life literally by giving it over to the largest power i could imagine anderp i actually prefer not to be the commander of my own ship, only these equally expendable tanks full of fuck and what's more it's really the case that i like nothing better than reporting to my extra daddy on them (these fuck tanks i've been assigned) and in so doing living off of the myriad everyday efforts of millions of faceless taxpayers 

lol holy shit that's quite the worldview there. You really don't have to hate everything 

Did Gotzeus just forgoe trying to act normal and turn into a bot?

I got over severe anxiety after I stopped giving a shit. In terms of violence? I punch inanimate objects when I get pissed off in my privacy. I suppose many gamers get similar fits. Hell, I even think about strangling people, but I got my morality. 

I don't know what to say, mind over matter. I used to get anxious about driving through traffic in Austin to go to the grocery store, but it helps to focus on the end result (especially if it's positive), than worrying or stressing about insignificant things, or even dangers or obstacles that may not even exist. 

Did Gotzeus just forgoe trying to act normal and turn into a bot?

He's the only person I have ignored here.

he posted a johnny cash music video after posting a lana del ray music video