Fantasy Football Thread

Alright, lets start talking about handcuffs on the field now.

I'll try to keep this up to date as best as I can on the front page, if you have a league and want people to join it I'll edit this post with the information.  

Lets start talking Busts and Studs again gentlemen.

Ameer Abdullah. pick him up your last round if you wanna take a chance. 

Any of ya'll watch the The League?

I've always been under the impression watching the league went in tandem with playing fantasy football.

don't know if I used that word correctly, plz advise

FF cannot come soon enough


I thought you ment you had an actually league going.
Figured just keep all the fantasy football stuff on one thread, since you know.. no one goes on this site anymore, especially for sports.

Alright, just did some random ESPN FFL drafts on my phone. One 8 team, and a 10 team... was going to try a 12 team instead of 8, but it was taking forever to fill up a lobby. So here are my teams, let me know what  you guys think.  All Snake Draft, I drafted 6th in the 8 man and 10 man.

8 team roster: Wilson (QB) Le'veon Bell, Jeremy Hill, Carlos Hyde, Chris Ivory (RB) Delanie Walker and Zach Ertz (TE) Don't know why I drafted 2, just wasn't really sold on either. Randall Cobb, Brandin Cooks, Davante Adams, Devin Funchess, Roddy White, John Brown and Anquan Boldin (WR's) Bills D/ST and McManus for my Kicker.

10 team roster: Luck (QB) Lynch, Hyde, Jennings, Sankey (RB) Owen Daniels (TE)  T.Y. Hilton, Davante Adams, Funchess, Eddie Royal, Steve Smith, Crabtree and Cruz (WR) Pats D and Tucker for Kicker. 

Obviously not the best, haven't been following up on Fantasy much this year, hoping my WR's do well.


I made a league for THF, info is in the nfl thread