[OFFLINE] Kerbal Space Program - Communication Networks and Landings


I sometimes stream just to relax and hang out with a few people instead of straight gaming, so if you are looking to unwind, listen to some music, and watch an idiot tread water in games, this be the place.

Will bump for broadcasts.

Bump for broadcast. Enjoying some BF4 for a bit before shit in the evening.
how often do you play? we should get a squad going mebz

how often do you play? we should get a squad going mebz

Every other day or so, so often enough. If you are on PC add me at TheBigLahey on Origin, would love to provide some air support.

Also, bump for broadcast. Staying brief tonight, just bored with a few hours to kill before movie/bed. Stop by for a few frags and drags.

Bump for broadcast. Flying some prop planes for a bit, maybe some jets in BF4 after that.
Bump for broadcast. Late night BF4 business. Song requests are on, but I won't be for longer than a few hours if that.
Bump for broadcast. Playing some early morning KSP, launching probes and landing on moons maybe. Join for smokes and crashes.