Looking to buy an old B.net account

I'm looking to buy an old B.net account with either the Mythic, Legend or Heroic ranking. 

To check:
1. Go here --> https://halo.bungie.net/default.aspx
2. Type in your account or gamertag in the upper right hand corner.
3. On the left side under service record click on your bungie profile
4. Under your name it will say either: Member, Heroic Member, Legendary Member, or Mythic Member, ect

Let me know if you are interested

Well...Looked at mine and couldn't find a ranking.  I have been a member for 11 years thats all I see.
This again!? what in the actual fuck?
What is/was your gamertag back in the halo days. I'll check for yoh
You seem triggered
I'm heroic but I'm sick of all these stupid posts that seem to never produce results.

What do you mean by never produce results?


Im just looking to buy a Bungie.net account and can offer a fairly large amount of money for it so if you do want to sell then let me know!

5,000 and it's yours
Damn I thought I could sell this shit but it seems I'm only "exalted member" :( And can't even remember the email or password anymore.
with so many people coming here asking for that, there has to be something suspicious behind it. 

Unlucky man :(

Some people were changed from mythic to exalted when a glitch happened on the forum. Bungie didn't fix u,  meaning people lost like 5 years worth of forum rewards :/

It's just for an emblem in Destiny. That's honestly the only thing I'd do with the account. And I'm prepared to pay quite a lot of money too!


I know it's an inconvenience , but this forum is full of OG Halo players some of which are bound to be a high rank. I stopped playing Halo religiously after Halo reach I'm afraid :(

Let's see you're probably the 10th person to come in here this week with this shit, you're not even a "real" member. You ask for something and it honestly just seems like some scam attempt. Plus you're spamming with this bullshit, it's annoying. So please kindly, go fuck off. k?

Let's see:

The transaction will be completed through PayPal with extra money spent on buyer protection  as it is a business transaction.

A contract could be made if either party feel unsure about what they have to do.

I'm prepared to pay a large sum of money for an account. You saying I'm not a member is false and invalid.

I hope you can sleep better at night now.


Additional information in case you still have nightmares about me:

I'm trusted and known in the Destiny community with several accomplishments on the new forums.

I own an eBay shop for Destiny services with 100% positive feedback. Why would I scam somebody on here and risk getting my PayPal account terminated?

Go ask people on your Destiny forum then, moneybags mcgee.
I'm still looking or this and I'm prepared to pay a pretty large sum for it!
I gotta undercut Hable and offer a screaming deal of $650
How about $10 and I'll take you out for lunch?

I'm prepared to pay a pretty large sum for it!



Actually, I'll be in the UK starting in January, so you better mean that

 and I'll take you out for lunch?

Did I mention it was going to be an expensive lunch?


[quote post=166176]

 and I'll take you out for lunch?

Did I mention it was going to be an expensive lunch?




$700 cash.

I'll get McDonald's on the way home.

Why would you pay a ton of money for an emblem in Destiny? 

I'm prepared to pay a pretty large sum for it!




 and I'll take you out for lunch?

Did I mention it was going to be an expensive lunch?


Sure... epensive lunch but the pretty LARGE sum of 10dollar for the account

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Lets make a deal?

Let's start the bidding at 1 million.

Check your messages!

I'd be happy to make a deal but I've got to check something first

$200, take it or leave it faggot. 

$200, take it or leave it faggot


At least research how much they sell for before trying to make a satire post.

And faggot is an old word now, it got boring in like 2010 lmao.

You're the one that should be providing that kind of info when you're the only person sad enough to actually care about this. Stop trying to buy yourself higher status and get the fuck out of here.

Just checked mine says "Noble"


I'm tired of this idiot.