What happened to THF ?

Can someone explain me what is going on with this low population of members online ???

Halo, dude. Other/more/better/current games came out, essentially smoldering Halo by overwhelming force.  That's not including real life, where instead of editing montages and hunting for clips, people are finding careers and making families. That's how it snowballs; no one willing to play Halo, you can't good clips, can't get good clips, no one's there to edit; no one's there to edit, the video doesn't get made, people aren't there to watch it, etc.

True, it's been snowballing a little just due to natural erosion from 1. us being interested in an old game and 2. more games spreading population thinner just as an industry trend, but THF has been in the dumps ever since the last movie comp. From what I understand most of the OG members have moved on with life/family/work and aren't kids/in school with time to play and obsess over halo all the time. Then your 2nd big generation from back when Halo was still somewhat of a big deal have largely undergone the same. Most of the action (if halo even has any, that's a separate argument) is centered around H5. At least during 2013-2014 when the halo community had no consensus halo game, there was a small community around reach/H3/a little bit H4. 

I hate being the guy to say this, but every year the population erosion + spread of population over more and more games + actual halo titles getting worse makes this community dwindle even more. At least we have the memories :')

^ Wonderful memories that I will remember for the rest of my life, not to mention the  many friends I met throughout this journey. What a great  game

I'm never leaving.

This discussion has been done to death by now but H2 did not get anniversary treatment and people do move on.

theres still members out there who play and it should be noted  that H1 and especially H2 are still attracting young gamers who battle through the shit servers and bias playlists that neither of these games deserve....  just to play what's rapidly becoming a lost gem.

for us old timers we will still be here answering the same old questions that the OP posed for years to come.

Here's to the memories and what H2F meant to so many.




Very nice post and also very interesting also. Thanks for sharing with us.

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And that shit, too--literally every other post in THF now is a spambot or a random sweat, or an Exalted Mythic whore. No one reports any posts, nothing gets enforced, no one moderates, there are no anti-spam measure in place--it's just cess.